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Operation Mickey Mouse 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Call me silly but I want to be slim and trim for The Mouse. Jim and I have a long planned trip to Disney World the first week of December, a mere 5 weeks from yesterday. Christmas time at Disney World is one of our most favorite times to go and it has been several years since our last trip during this time. We are very excited.

Houston, we have a slight problem though. I am flubbery and I don't want Mr. Mouse to see me like this. I am also not in the best place emotionally right now as I have not been getting my fitness in like I was while training for my first HM. My nutrition has pretty much been crap and that needs to change. Then I wonder why the scale has not been my friend. Its all a vicious cycle and I am going to stop it NOW.

Enter...Operation Mickey Mouse. I will use this trip as a catalyst to get me heading in the right direction in all areas of my healthy living. This tactic has worked for me in the past and it will work again. I have 5 weeks of Operation Mickey Mouse and the clock started today. We are now W1D1 of Operation Mickey Mouse. I changed my Spark Page for this project as a constant reminder to ME of the task at hand. No, I am not like the stores and getting the Christmas decorations out early, but it is simply that reminder.

What are your plans for Operation Mickey Mouse? Well, I am glad you asked. Lets start with my nutrition. I am going to eat clean(er). Alot cleaner. I will keep the binges to a minimum as they have been out of hand for weeks if not months. My bad moments occur right after work and it ain't pretty. I bought groceries today and there was no junk to be found. I was quite proud. I will carefully and honestly track my food. I will drink my water.

Fitness is the next item on the agenda to be addressed. While I am recovering from my HM with the subsequent compressed/inflamed medial plantar nerve is being treated with PT Candi, I will run according to PT's advice. I will also start ST for overall body toning and strengthening. I would like my legs and hips smaller thank you and they usually respond quickly if I just do the ST.

I will plan on running every other day with some sort of ST 6 days out of the week. I will NOT make the ST sessions marathon sessions as that will burn me out quickly from past experience. I will utilize the Coach Nicole videos with my fitness equipment and also any ST that PT advises. I will use my vast assortment of res bands, dumbells, fitness ball and of course my own body weight for my ST. There will be some kind of fitness every day as I need that in order to keep my mental health in check and off meds. I will do my fitness so I feel good about my appearance.

I will eat healthy and enjoy the fitness regimine so that not only will I feel good but that I may stay healthy and illness free throughout the upcoming winter. It will also help prevent cabin fever that we get so easily here in the upper Midwest. I will loook good for Mickey Mouse.

You can expect to see me blogging often as that is a great way of keeping the lines of communication open and the support that I will need free flowing. It is also my hope that someone out there in Spark land will gain inspiration from Operation Mickey Mouse. If I can help one person through a rough spot then it makes it so worth it. I cannot be the only one here that is starting from the bottom and heading back to the top.

Five pounds gone and muscle toning is what I seek. By gum, I am going to finally kick myself in full gear and to this thing!!! I just know it!!! Thank you all so much for listening to me blather on. This is a big deal to me.

Untill next time...


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