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How do you PREVENT or STOP a BINGE?

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Well I would ask myself "Why are you wanting to eat?". Am I stressed, angry, tired, bored or what? I had to identify the root of my wanting or disruption and understand and own it. This did not stop me from being hungry but gave me a better understanding of what I was going through and as time went on I would be better suited to understand why I was heading that way and try and own and understand it before I got that far along.

I used distractions to help me even after I identified it because once you get to that point unless you shift your focus to something else to comfort you then you will still want to eat. You may need to distract while you figure out what is the root of your feelings. Sometimes you may even have to distract and just come back after you are in a better place and then understand and own your needs and feelings.

The goal is to be more self aware and understanding of yourself so that these emotions and feelings do not own and define you but you them. And understanding and owning will not stop you from having challenges in life but will give you the tools and knowledge of how and why they are happening so you can better handle them instead of suppressing them. This also opens up other ways to deal with these issues instead of one stop shopping with eating for all your challenging moments needs.

Find your list of other comfort things to do: Shopping, writing, exercising, talking to friends, surfing the internet, playing a game, reading a book, watching a movie, working on a project, people watching, driving, texting, watching current TV you record for just such a moment and whatever you know you like or distracts you. Collect yourself, be in a stronger state of mind and then take on the challenge now that you have had time to think and something fun to do.

"I do not have time to do anything else!" Challenging yes but if you think and work at it you will find something and you will make it happen. Being negative or doubting will leave you just that, negative and full of doubt in yourself and the situation. Stand up, look up and know this is a challenge that will not keep you down but only make you want to overcome it that much more.

Big challenges:
Death of someone close, holidays, work, kids, relationships and so much more. So easy to let any and all of these having us chuck out what we want and believe in and just seek comfort. Funny thing like in any emergency situation- if you plan and practice then that is what you will do when the real thing happens. If you just deal with it as it comes then you can freeze or be so flustered that you shut down and handle it wrong. Do we practice what to do when there is a fire? Do you know what tools and exits you have to deal with a fire at home, work and school?

This is something we all for the most part know and understand, now take this and practice it in other areas of your life, such as binge eating. Put that fire out!
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