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Lets help each other! What to do after a binge?!?!?!?

Friday, November 05, 2010

I know we all know what to do to make all this work. We all know to exercise, eat more fruits and veggies, watch our portions. Yes those are the logical things, but what do you do when logic is out the door? I have struggled with a food addiction for over 20 years. And I will continue to struggle with it for the rest of my life. Most days I win the battle, but some days (like today) I loose and I loose big time. You know the days I am talking about, something triggers, something snaps and you have no control. Well today was that day, I wont go into all of the details, lets just say it was bad, really really bad!! Now what? Whats next after this binge, whats next after this epic failure, this horrible relapse? In the past I was so used to having these episodes, they would just continue for weeks, months and sometimes years. But after lots of learning and coping I have gotten much better about learning from them and making it much longer in between. I try being really strict afterwards, but the guilt is really hard to deal with. I will exercise extra over the next week, I will watch my carbs and try clean eating as much as possible. But what else is there, what else should I do?

What do you do when you go off the deep end? What coping do you have to deal with these kind of things??? Thank you for any and all help you can give me.
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    I know I'm a few days behind, but was glad to have seen your blog. Binge eating is my biggest problem right now. I do really well for a couple of weeks and then I just go off the deep end and want to eat everything in sight and none of it is good for me.

    I know that I'm making progress because I refuse to give up this time. Because I want so badly to succeed I have read everything I can get my hands on about becoming a healthier person. One thing that seems to come up over and over is a food journal. Not just keeping track of what you are eating, but what you are doing and how you are feeling when you are eating. The experts say that these binges are brought on by something. We need to recognize what they are and learn to get past them.

    I don't know if it works, but I guess it's worth a shot.

    You've done an awesome job and you will continue to do so.

    Keep it up.

    3865 days ago
    I struggle with binge eating periodically. In the past 70 days I have only had one binge, but I have had several days of thinking about binging.

    What has helped me the most this time around on Spark is grabbing the computer and reading everyone's blogs, exactly like yours right now. I have had several days of compulsively thinking about ice cream. I have even eaten a 1/2 cup serving of ice cream. I thought maybe if I allow myself the food, it will stop feeling like such a temptation. So far I have not given in. I am hoping that it is another form of exercising, the longer I resist, the stronger I will be.

    So I don't have any good answers, but just know we are all together in this struggle and then move past it. Thanks for blogging on this. Joann
    3868 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5135307
    It was nice to read your blog and know that I am not alone. I binge way too often. It is one of my biggest hurdles. I can't figure out why I am doing it. I just do!

    Keep up the good work. You are doing terrific. A slip up every now and then happens. You can do this!!
    3868 days ago
    If you stop a binge before it fully takes over, maybe it should be called a bingette! Just a tiny slip up, a mistake that is easily corrected, but not a full-fledged eating frenzy.

    In that form, it takes less energy and regret, it's over and done with. If we take a look at what happeded before it started, maybe that will show the way to prevent some of them in the future. But honestly, doesn't everyone have these moments? And isn't it what we do afterward that matters most?

    You can do this! YOU ROCK!
    3869 days ago
  • no profile photo JBREGE
    Boy, did I need to hear this. Yesterday was one of those days for me too. I did great all day, and then got out of work early, walked for 30 minutes, ate a healthy snack, and just sat feeling empty and then a monster binge came on. Funny thing is, I can recognize it. Just couldn't stop it! Today is another day :)
    3869 days ago
    Dont beat yourself up!!!!!! You made a bad choice. That's it. Just decide to get back to eating healthy. Don't punish yourself by sentencing yourself to the penalty box. Just start back up where you left off before the binge. Log everything you eat. Some days you won't be perfect. You are human and moving toward a healthy life. Start right now and BRAVO for writing this blog!!!!
    3869 days ago
  • no profile photo JAGZ36
    You wont gain all your weight back in one day. You just need to recognize that you ate some food, you felt guilty but your committed to staying on track. You have done a lot to get yourself where you are at and everyone over eats from time to time. We had free pizza at work and I ate more than I should have. Oh well, I still managed to exercise that day which made up for it a little bit. Sometimes if you exercise for 30 mins you feel less bad.
    3869 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/7/2010 3:51:51 PM
    From my own experience... get back on track as soon as you can. As others have said, forgive yourself. I especially would like to echo Qwamom. It was bad eating choices not a bad "you!"

    Stay strong and start over. emoticon
    3870 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5959732
    I have no doubt that it was just a bad day for you. Look at how far you have come! You rock and you are going to continue on this journey better than ever. emoticon
    3870 days ago
    Thank you so much for sharing I so often feeling giving up and today is one of those days. I need to be reminded that this can be done and you don't have to be perfect.
    3870 days ago
    After reading all the other comments i have to say ditto! emoticon
    3870 days ago
    I just move on to the next day and try and be really good, find out what triggered my binge and lack of self control and work on that. We all have days and that is why this a new lifestyle and not a diet! We pick ourselves up, dust off and move on to the next day, next meal, next healthy choice.
    3870 days ago
    The first thing I would do is rephrase that "I was really bad" to "My eating was really bad". You're still a good person. Take a long look at what triggered the binge, how you can recognize the triggers in the future, and plan some kind of deterrent for next time. When I feel a binge coming on, if I even start, it's hard to stop, so getting out of the house, away from food, seems to help me. You can't change the past, but you can learn from it. I'd probably go for a walk, run, bike ride, or do yard work to burn off some of the calories too.
    3871 days ago
    Log everything you ate, be as honest with yourself as you can. Log how you felt when you ate, how you feel now. Don't hide any feelings, because hiding makes you want to binge more and then hide your actions. Today only holds today's habits. Tomorrow holds tomorrow's actions. Learn from them. Draw from the past, but don't let the past draw from you.
    3871 days ago
  • LYSAX13
    I know what what you are saying- I feel like I have been struggling since the 4th of July cookout binge. Since I have not yet come to terms with the emotions and the triggers that cause and initiate the binges, I try to counter them the best I can with consistency in other areas of my life. One thing I tell myself often to help me climb out of a dark hole is " Surround your self with the things that make you happy and the things that you love." For me that is my pets. So When I really need a break I will gather them up and take them to the dog park or take them for a walk and try to lose my self in their joy to break my own self destructive cycle. Other than that - I track all the food- even on binge days- as best I can. Even if I climb to 4,000, 5, 000 or 6, 000 calories, I make sure I track it all and I stay consistent with my exercise and physical activity, and I have picked up another habit- weighing myself every morning 1st thing when my feet hit the floor and logging it on a calendar, all this helps me because when I get down, I usually feel like it is forever, but sometimes when I look back I see that it was only a day or 2 and then I am proud of my self for sticking with my routines and keeping "normal" around. I know it will be a struggle for the rest of my life and I am hoping this strategy will lead to more break throughs in coping.

    Take all the advice of your Spark Friends and use what ever you think will help YOU! But most important - let go of the guilt- it doesn't serve you in a positive way. You have to love yourself enough to forgive yourself.
    3871 days ago
  • ANITA012
    Ha Ha Ha Ha...It's funny reading how we all binge. I think we should start the "Binge" Club. ha ha.
    Don't be so hard on yourself. We all do it. We all know we shouldn't. But it's part of life. And you know what? There's only 24 hours in a day and guess what. We start with a clean slate each day. Isn't that nice? As long as we don't get into a routine thinking it's ok to do it all the time.
    The occassional binge is not going to set you back. I allow myself a once a month binge...and sometimes an extra snack or two during the day, but not every day. I don't want to make a habit of it.
    Just shake it off and let's start over tomorrow, ok? emoticon
    3871 days ago
    The biggest problem for me is forgiving myself. If I don't give myself grace, then I'll keep on binging. Drink water and forgive yourself.
    3871 days ago

    I agree with what others are saying, just forget it and move on. We aren't going to win the battle all the time. We will mess up on occassion because we are human and it seems we can't do anything social without having food around us.

    I do want to Thank You for knowing you didn't have to go into explicit detail of your binge for us to get the picture.
    I feel that people that go into detail about their binges can trigger a friend or a teammate to go off on a binge of their own. I don't understand why they do that and sometimes I feel it is deliberately done to try and trip someone up.

    Anyway, you are obviously doing something right to merit such a weight loss. And the days you win out weigh the number of the bad days by a great deal, so just forget about the binge and move on to the next day.

    Don't forget weigh in day tomorrow fot the TWTC Challenge. I am proud to say Sister Sparker that I am traveling this part of the journey with you. MA emoticon
    3871 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/5/2010 9:01:08 PM
    It's just good to forget about it and move on! We all have these bad days and you have to learn to let go of the guilt and just start fresh. Tomorrow is a new day and you know what you have to do. :) Hope it gets better!
    3871 days ago
    I don't start over because I never quit - I just took a detour! These days happen. I just move on as soon as I possibly can AND I refuse to feel guilt for a common human action!
    Stay positive!
    3871 days ago
    honestly, I saw a counselor about my binges, and it helped SO MUCH. She really opened my eyes to what else was going on in my life, what was triggering this hurtful cycle (things I never would have dreamed!), and we came up with concrete changes I could make, based on my personal circumstances. I strongly suggest you see one too.
    3871 days ago
    This has happened to me a few times during the weekends. The guilt is horrible, but you know...after a good night's sleep you will wake up (hungry) knowing you have the power once again to get back on track. And you will!!!

    3871 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3011801
    I try to eat at the lower end of my calorie range and i try to work out a bit longer to help burn the calories off.I try to figure out what caused the binge so that the next time i am better prepared.It doesnt always work but i try.Lisa
    3871 days ago
    The next day, I "binge" on veggies and water. It's the same feeling as bingeing on junk, but it's productive. It helps me to taper off from that heightened emotional/psychological state that leads me to binge in the first place. I'm great at getting over binges, but TERRIBLE at stopping them from happening.
    3871 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    I have MAJOR binge issues and I don't even want to go into detail, but it ain't pretty. HOWEVER, I had a breakthrough the past few weeks and have been binge free for almost 2 weeks. I am trying now to simply take this one day at a time and deal with my emotional eating. If and when it happens again. I am going to attempt to keep the damage as minimal as possible. Its my hope that I can start nipping this binge thing in the bud.

    Best wishes!
    3871 days ago
  • EM4488
    Drink water. Go to bed. Start a'fresh in the mornin'. :)
    Shrug your shoulders and move on...it's the only way.
    3871 days ago
  • RUDITUDI2000
    I have been dealing/working through this too...what a journey this is! However hard it may be, its better than the constant abuse I used to inflict on myself before I started this daily battle. So here is what has helped me this week....I ate too much Halloween night, candy seems to be like crack...I have a little & I want more more more! So on Monday, I did what I normally would do...eat healthy & worked out....while I did not want to do it, I did it anyway. While I was running, I remembered who I was today, putting behind me who I used to be..I now choose to remember the TRUTH that I am an athlete now, I eat good, I work out, its what I do. The struggle is still going, Tues I had to face it again & I went to gym & zumba, this too reminded me that when I around like minded people I remember who I am now....so Focus on who you are now..what you do now is continue to fight this battle, persevere, never stop & you'll never lose...only when we stop fighting can we lose....Prayers for you!! You can do this! We may not be where we want to yet, but we ARE better than where we were!
    3871 days ago
    All you can do it start over fresh. Some people start over fresh at New Years or start over at the beginning of the month. Tell yourself you are starting over that day and that moment! Then stick with it that time as long as you can. You are right we all have the same issues...and you can't just keep beating yourself up.
    3871 days ago
  • KMARTIN9061
    Define going off the deep end girl?? Did you go to McDonald's and order one of everything?? I doubt it! SCHTUFF happens! Don't dwell on it... you're doing a fantastic job... but the best part is, you've caught it!
    3871 days ago
  • NICOLE12-01
    I just wrote a similar blog today. I've been binging for 4 days and can't seem to get myself back on track. In the past, it would happen one night and the next day I would go back to eating wholesome foods, tracking, exercising, and would feel better in a couple of days. This time, I can't seem to get myself out of the cycle. I wish I knew the answer of how to stop it all together...along with the shame and disappointment in myself when it happens. Hopefully we can both start to overcome the binges and the food addiction with support and some soul searching....trying to figure out what we're trying to replace with food.

    3871 days ago
    Get up, brush yourself off and start again! emoticon Its ok. The important part is you start again. emoticon
    3871 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7488603
    It happens. Let it go. Try to figure out why it happened so maybe you can avoid it in the future but don't dwell on it. Then move on. It was just a slip not a crash and burn and unless you just completely give up it will remain just a slip. It is what it is. Smile pretty and get back on the program and remember in 5 yrs it will not matter. Take the hand of the sparkpeople and simply move along. Oh yeah and no beating up on yourself. Many people frown on people beating up their friends and you are someones friend and I am sure they would not appreciate it.

    3871 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/5/2010 2:12:47 PM
    I try to get right back to tracking. I also make sure I put down everything I ate that was wrong because when you see that you overate, say 1000 calories, you realize that would not even put one extra pound of fat on your body and it is not so discouraging. I find that I need to avoid sugary foods totally since they seem to work like throwing fuel on a fire for me. I keep baby carrots, celery and hummus on hand all the time because if I feel like snacking they are good choices that take time to eat and don't add a lot of calories.
    3871 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4501477
    I am like you. I usually beat myself up but I've gotten better at it in the last year and one-half, since I've been Sparking.I like to look back on my journal and pick a week I did really well on and imitate it. I talk it out with my workout buddy. Most of all I keep Sparking. I vent on the blogs, etc. I know you can do it. Hang in there and Keep Sparking.
    3871 days ago
    Try not to focus on what you did wrong, but on what you do and can do right. Guilt never helped anyone. Loving yourself isn't about guilt tripping yourself. You are a beautiful person, not a perfect person. You need lots of practice in forgiving yourself for being human. emoticon
    3871 days ago
    You just realize what you did and move forward. Dwelling on it won't get you to your goal. Just keep sparking! It'll be alright.
    3871 days ago
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