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Up and Down on the See Saw

Saturday, November 06, 2010

I go up and I go down and I go up and I go down. I am on a See Saw for the past couple of years that never really lets me get anywhere. It is SO HARD for me to lose weight, then many times the scale goes right back up, depressing me and reminding me just how much a battle this is going to be. I weigh the most I have in 20 years. It brings me down so much. Just five short years ago, I maintained no more than 135 lbs, and now I'm knocking on the door of 200 lbs and it's so scary. Why did I let myself down? I had things going on in my life and just completely lost sight of myself. I have to do something, but when you have so much to lose and every small amount is such a battle, it's hard to find the strength. I knwo I "just need to do it". I would really like to hear from someone that DIDN'T find it easy at all but figured it out. I'm trying different alternatives. emoticon
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  • DORYH20
    Easy? Not by a long shot. But, I HAVE figured out...WHAT WORKS FOR ME.
    DIET- drink 8-10 glasses of water and at least 1 decaf green tea daily
    - minimal 5 servings of fruits & veggies daily
    - keep fat intake low, carbs moderate, minimal 50 grams of protein daily,
    - consume 3 servings of milk products daily
    - pay attention to fiber intake, try for 25-30 grams daily
    - limit sodium
    - eat every 2-3 hours 3 meals & 3-4 snacks
    - have a big salad w/protein as a meal at least 5x a week
    -USE THE SPARK FOOD TRACKER...Religiously!

    s the easy stuff emoticon You said it yourself, finding the strength is the challenge. Again, this is what works for me.
    I drew strength from disappointment. After gaining back 92 lbs. of the 113
    I lost, I was so disappointed in myself. During the last month of that time, I confronted myself everyday. Asking questions only I had the answers to. I decided to fight the disappointment. I never want to feel that way again. I'm not at war with my weight, I'm finding peace with myself. I like the happier, self confident me. And if it takes making a few sacrifices along the way...

    Tacota, do you have access or the option to see a dietitian? Sometimes the guidance of a professionally trained individual can help.

    I hope you find peace within. emoticon
    3612 days ago
  • -LISH-
    Have you tried a liquid diet? (i.e. meal replacements) G did that before his surgery and lost (at least) 15 lbs. in a couple of weeks! Then he had his gastric bypass and the rest is history. I still can't get used to seeing him so slim. In many regards, he took the easy way out - but, then again, a lot of people aren't keen about undergoing such a major surgery (performed in the U.S. by a brilliant surgeon - paid for by Canadian taxpayers).
    I know you're frustrated, but you'll get to the weight you want when you can get super-excited (happy/psyched) about something good in your life. Then the weight will fall off, I can almost guarantee it. :-)
    3613 days ago
  • JUDE322
    i, too, don't have it all figured out. and i have a lot more weight to lose. once thing i did realize is that i am worth all the work it takes me to lose just a few pounds. one thing that helps is that i found an exercise i enjoy and can continue doing. that is important. another thing is using all the tools sp has to offer, mostly the others that are struggling right along with you. remember, we're all in this together. and together, we will persevere
    3613 days ago
    Well, I definitely don't have it all figured out either. But, maybe we can try to figure it out together!

    I know how frustrating it is to see the scale go up and down like that. I'm finding this website a great help though, and one of the best things I'm doing for myself is to try to stay positive. Even if the scale isn't cooperating, keep reminding yourself that you are making better choices, and moving in the right direction. Most importantly, don't give up!!! emoticon
    3613 days ago
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