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getting into the "meat" of my training

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

It has been a while! I have been really busy with work, school, and of course training. I ran a half marathon on Halloween. Did not do as well as I hoping to do. The course was disorganized because it was changed at the last min. Obama decided to come to Chicago; that forced the race to go north on the lake front rather than south. I am not sure if this was the only reason that the race was a bit of a mess but it had a big part. It ended up being 13.5 miles instead of 13.1 which added to everyone’s time. There were points I had to scream at volunteers to ask which direction to go or just guess because there was no one there. We got there a tad later then I like and I didn’t get in hardly any warm up which hurt me in miles 2,3,4. But it was a good training run for my ultimate goal Dec. 5th. And I had fun with friends. If you look there is a picture of all of us in Hooters Gear in my pictures.

I am into my high mileage and tough workouts now. I am feeling pretty good. The hip still acts up now and then. My right quad has been really tight and sore. And my Achilles tendon has been tight while I run. I went to the chiro for ART (active release therapy), where he stretches me out and works out the kinks, yesterday and was sore after. My coach said we could switch around my schedules if I was feeling it. I do speed tue, tempo thurs, and long run sat with easy runs all other days. He said I could do speed wed and skip the tempo because I am going to get some hard miles in during my long run on Sat. I usually just run my long runs easy but this week we plan on getting in some quicker miles. I decided to still run my tough workout this am and did it well. 11.5 miles total with 5 X 1 miles (times 6:00, 5:56, 5:52, 5:49, 5:46) The last two were challenging but I stayed in it mentally. I really struggle sometimes to motivate myself and I did it today! I feel good about the workout. Less than a month till the CIM!
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