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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ya'll know what I'm talking about...

Let's use the movie Shallow Hal to further describe this term...

"She's got no ankles. It's like the calf merged with the foot, cut out the middleman."

Harsh huh. Sort of I guess. But anyway, the reason I mentioned this was because the other day I was wearing a skirt to work.

A rare occasion. Not only because it's friggin Autumn already, but in addition, it was something I'd pretty much avoid the past 5 years or so altogether.


Just 'cuz I felt like I'd hear this imaginary chant inside my head each time as I'd walk down a hallway or down the street saying something like, "Boom, baba, Boom!" Don't remember where I heard that before - I think some movie growing up or something.

So, the imaginary "Boom, baba, Boom" would get me everytime. That, and the fact that my ankles looked like I had devoured an entire bag of potato chips in one sitting - you know, the way your ankles look when you're about 9 months pregnant all swollen up and all...

BUT - I wore my skirt. And - when the little ID within me decided to take a glance in the window as I walked past it, I realized my ankles actually had shape. They weren't all huge - there WAS definition between them and my calves. No more "cankles" for this girl. No more "boom, baba, boom" within my head chanting as I walked gracefully down the halls.

What a great and liberating feeling.

I am free.

Free from the self-hatred voices from within.

Free from having thoughts that people that were looking at me aas I walked past them were thinking "What nerve that chick has wearing a skirt" - instead with a new realization that they are gazing at me in admiration. And how did I know this? The constant compliments on how cute I looked.

"Boy, you've dropped weight, huh!"

"You've been working our, huh!"

"Gosh, you really look great!"

No, my head's not big. I just have come to terms that I have accomplished a lot since this time last year.

And it feels great.

I think it's time to go shopping for my newfround friend - a skirt - sans "cankles"!

Relish in your small achievements like realizing your pants are a bit saggy in the booty area.

Like when your bra feels a bit too loose and the girls are trying to flop out whenever you bend over.

These are the tell-tale signs that you really ARE doing this...that you are well on your way to your goals...that the impossible is within your reach!

And - that you ARE something wonderful!!!



Disclaimer -
This blog was posted after asking the community if the term used (cankles) offended anyone and only after several responses that it did not.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WooHoo - ANKLES! emoticon
    3714 days ago
    ANKLES! Oh yeah girl, flaunt it!

    3718 days ago
    I can relate to the girls falling out, which is insane because I had a breast reduction 5 years ago and my size isn't consistant anymore. I can NOT relate to have ankles. I defintely have cankles. Buying boots that goes over my calves have been a choir. But that's ok though, I will some have me some ankles emoticon !!!

    emoticon girl friend!!! Rock them ankles and calves. I'm sure you are too cute wearing your skirt.

    3719 days ago
    Hey my Jeanie! I am saddened that I have been too sick to really spark and am just reading this blog now. Thank you once again for all the positivity that just comes out of the computer and into me. Thank you for reminding me of all the little things that are there to remind me that I really am doing this and even though the scale doesn't want to cooperate, I really am in a whole different place than I was the same time last year.

    BTW, all my jeans are saggy in the booty and my girls have been wanting to fall out of my bra for quite sometime. I guess its time I recognize these things for what they are. A beautiful reminder that I am really doing this. :) I just love you so much my best spark friend.

    BR>PS: A Co-worker has convinced me to do a relay race in Jan. A rock and roll relay race. She will run the longer half though but I still have to do 5 miles. TTYL.

    3719 days ago
    Check out those sweet feet! Totally sexy. Head to toe. Inside and out. Keep rocking those skirts girl! (And maybe watch the hemlines rise too)?!
    3721 days ago
  • LAURA2471
    Right on!! Good for you!!! Very sexy pic!
    3722 days ago
    Nice blog!! Lovely ankles! So happy for you! These little signs of weightloss are wonderful. I look down at my legs when I'm sitting and think, are they REALLY this narrow? This IS narrower? Of course, it is and they are. KOKO!! WE/ emoticon Have an awesome weekend! emoticon emoticon mary
    3722 days ago
  • DAV128

    That's all I can day - You should be proud - You should show off your shapely ankles - you shouldn't be afraid to shout it from the rooftops. Celebrate your successes and don't let anyone (EVEN YOURSELF) stop you. I'll be seeing your ankles in a shoe add some day.

    3723 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/11/2010 8:06:10 AM
  • no profile photo CD6646698
    You go girl!! Sexy ankle shot there :)...love the story...be proud and stand proud, you've worked hard to get there :)
    3723 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8496972
    You are AWESOME! It is so great that you took this huge leap and that it was so much better than you could have predicted. Keep up the excellent work and remember that you truly are amazing! :)
    3723 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    [wolf whistle] Look at those sexaaay legs, girl! Great job on that, as well as this: I just have come to terms that I have accomplished a lot since this time last year."
    3723 days ago
    Another award winning blog my friend. Those are downright tiny ankles!
    3723 days ago
    Your legs look great! emoticon

    I am still having a hard time seeing my changes so I take face pics now and again to help me.

    A funny thing happened to me yesterday and it made me know I am losing for sure.
    I was exercising on the wii and my pants fell right off me. These are my favorite jean clam diggers that have seen days that I lay on the bed to zip them up. Now I will need a belt..lol
    3724 days ago
    You go girl! I am so proud and happy for you!!!
    3724 days ago
  • ASHLEYW_206
    You are amazing, lady! I'm so proud of you! I was super lucky to never have the cankle problem (I always had really muscular calves), but I know exactly what that voice in your head is all about. I'm sure NO ONE was EVER thinking that you didn't look pretty darn cute to begin with, but way to go for putting "it" out there....quite literally! Ha ha! I want to see this cute skirt! You're amazing, and so inspirational! Way to rock those sexy legs, girl! emoticon
    3724 days ago
    LMAO...I love you Triple J! You always put a smile on my face!

    Um, just so you know...I think that picture deserves, at least, an R rating...triple x if you put on the stripper shoes!!! LOL

    I'm so happy you are doing wonderfully, you deserve it.


    span> emoticon
    ...show those babies off!
    3724 days ago
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