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#422: A True Friend...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Much has been written about friendship so all of these thoughts may not be original. But replying to a dear emoticon tonight has reminded me that:

* A true friend is happy for you even their heart is breaking or their own circumstances are dire. emoticon

* A true friend encourages your success. emoticon

* A true friend understands your sadness and anger and frustration.

* A true friend never judges.

* A true friend is never uncomfortable with silence between the two of you.

* A true friend is willing to help you although it might throw their own plans off schedule.

* A true friend remembers the good and fun times you two shared and forgets the bad times.

* A true friend remembers you not only on your birthday and holidays but throughout the year and will often surprise you with a call or a card or flowers emoticon emoticon just because.

* A true friend does not get jealous when you have other plans.

* A true friend supports your efforts and, if you fail, encourages you to try again. emoticon

* A true friend respects your other friends and your family. emoticon

* A true friend realizes you had a life and friends before you met him or her and does not pry.

* A true friend lets you vent and yell and then tells you you're still a good person.

* A true friend understands the comfort a simple hug can offer. emoticon

* A true friend is one who, if you haven't talked in a while, picks up the conversation as if you spoke yesterday.

* A true friend does not demean or belittle you and never embarrasses you in front of others.

* A true friend greets you with a smile as big as the Grand Canyon every time you meet. emoticon

* A true friend does not try to change you into who he or she thinks you should be but accepts you as you are.

* A true friend understands when you need time alone. emoticon

* A true friend builds up your self-esteem and never tears it down.

* A true friend looks at you and believes you are the most beautiful or handsome person in the whole world. emoticon

* A true friend laughs at your jokes, even if they are not funny. emoticon

* A true friend never criticizes.

* A true friend recognizes that a a friendship is a partnership where compromise is desired and not whether or not one of you wins.

* A true friend says "I'm sorry," and means it. emoticon

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