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#425: Feeling Like a Dinosaur?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Have you ever felt like a dinosaur, out of touch with the world? emoticon I did recently.

I was sorting through some of Mom's things from after she died and discovered a large collection of 45 and 33 1/3 rpm records. I put the ones I had with them, set up a record player and listened to music as I went through more boxes. Then I made the mistake that really made me feel as outdated as an old Model-T Ford -- I called my young nephew and held the phone so he could hear the record.

"Hey, Bobby, how do like this music?" emoticon

"Pretty cool, uncle Lou. What radio station is that?"

"It's not a radio station, it's a record."

"What's a record?" This from a boy whose younger brothers and sister barely remember cassette tapes as preoccupied as they are with their I-pods and MP-3 players.

Talk about an having old-timer moment.

That's how the world is today. Advancements in technology occur nearly every day, making it difficult for some people to keep up and to keep from feeling outdated.

But there is one very important way we can overcome such feelings -- stay in touch with people. Call them, email them emoticon, send cards and actual letters, meet for lunch or church emoticon or group activities. People are real, with emotions and feelings that machines can never express.

When you are happy emoticon, real people, your friends, family, co-workers will be happy for you. When you are feeling down emoticon, a close friend can be a supportive sounding board. People are what is important in this technologically advanced world, not machines.

We can love a person and have that love returned emoticon. No machine can do that. We can share joy with a person, joy that a machine can not comprehend. It is people that keep us grounded, not machines. Experiencing the thrill of holding a new-born baby emoticon, getting married emoticon, sharing our life's achievements and disappointments with a person provides us with the human contact we all need. No machine can do that. emoticon

So, yes, some of us may feel like dinosaurs as far as technology goes, but as long as we remember it is people who enrich us, we will forever be far from extinct. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo YW84FRIDAY
    This reminded me of the time my daughter, (at age 5) wanted to watch TV at grandma's house. She stood there for the longest time and then asked how to turn it on. Then she watched a show she totally didn't understand until I asked her why she didn't just turn the channel. Her answer? "Where's the remote??" She didn't know that all she had to do was reach over and manually turn the knob. LOL!!

    3748 days ago
    I am running way behind in technology , I am so thankful for my grandchildren who help to bring me up to speed. LOL
    Good Blog Lou, it made me smile and anything that makes me smile is good. Hugs, Joy
    3753 days ago
    Thanks, Louisaurus for another great blog!

    Happy memories,
    3753 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    So, so true! I just love these heart felt blogs, Lou. They hit home on so many levels. emoticon emoticon
    3754 days ago
    I love memories!!

    Wendy :) emoticon
    3754 days ago
    Great memories! I've got a stack of LPs and remember the thrill of buying a new one.
    But the point you're making is so true - it's not the technology that's important, it's our connections with the people around us!
    Thanks for being a thoughtful SparkFriend!
    3754 days ago
    Wonderful blog. I was babysitting the granddaughters one day and pulled out my old Shirley Temple record to play for them. My eldest granddaughter said "Wow, grandmama, that's the biggest cd I ever saw!" LOL Then they just couldn't understand why they couldn't dance around because my house is old & the bouncing was making the needle skip all over the place. We had fun & they loved it but sure were surprised to see such OLD STUFF!

    Thanks for the message. Your blogs always touch my heart. Love, Dawn emoticon
    3754 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8301081
    True on so many levels. emoticon
    3754 days ago
    LOU!!! I have felt like a dinosaur so many times! But not TONIGHT!!! The t.v. I bought for Drex last night would not get our favorite channel, and he just couldn't get it to work! I DID IT! LOL I am not a dinosaur yet!

    p.s. I loved my records, and there just isn't anything like a record you can put the arm over on so it will play over and over! Those were the days! (Ok, I'm sounding like a dinosaur!) emoticon
    3754 days ago
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