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The Day After - is a day for new beginnings

Friday, November 26, 2010

Well, today I walked the dog. It felt good. The air was crisp and cool, yet the late afternoon sun was warm on my face. My dog was happy. Daisy had not been walked in a long time. So long, that she got tired at about the 30min mark, but she slugged along behind me for the second half. She's a good dog.

I don't know why I always start out gung-ho. I guess I expect to do the same as I did when I was in better shape. I know I am not in good shape, and I know that I need to take better care of myself. So today, I decided I would do something. Walking is always the solution to doing something. Better than sitting the day away. And the day was moving fast into the evening of hibernation, relaxing in my lazyboy and crocheting while watching mindless television. That is what winter is all about. But today, I thought no. I like to walk the dog, and I like to walk her at night when it is dark and people aren't out to disturb our pace. But it was cool outside and I knew that people were slacking the weekend away after Thanksgiving. So why not go out in the light? The kid needed to get out too. She's been cooped up in the house, and what kind of example am I? Gung-ho is good,... and so is the old saying "one day at a time". I will do something tomorrow too. Why not, I have the whole weekend, and the livingroom is clear,... we can even do the Wii.

Today, the day after Thanksgiving, is the perfect day to start again. Yesterday was my sister's 50th birthday. Another new day to start her life, why not start mine on her day? Everyday is a new day. There is always time to start again. But really, you may not have another chance. I always used to say there is always time, now, tomorrow, next year. I said that about visiting my dad, and now he's dead, last April, and I think how I didn't get to hug him, and how I would be bothered by his call every monday night. But now there is not time left, no monday night calls. So there is a stopping point and it may not be when you think, years from now. It could be when you don't expect it, and then you will be saying the time was now.

My dad died of a heartattack or stroke but really what killed him was high blood pressure. There really wasn't anything else wrong with him, ...oh he was 80, but in good health for his age. He died because of Taxes and he didn't want to do them this year. He died on the 12th or April. Taxes are due April 15th. He always did his taxes months before they were due, but not this year. He would tell me every monday, "Did you do your taxes? I haven't yet, you see I need this form,... and I have to pay and I'll get to it." I really believe that if he didn't have to do his taxes, he would be alive today, but it was April. He also couldn't wait to be 80, and he had his birthday March 20th, so he reached a major miles-stone, ...and then the taxes. I miss my dad. I hadn't seen him in 8yrs, but would get the call every monday evening at 7:30. Now, every time the phone rings monday night, I say "well, its not my dad."

I think that is why I walked the dog today. I need to find ways to enjoy life while relieving the stresses. Walking the dog is one way. Exercise is a way, I do enjoy it. When I was in my 20's, I used to call the gym machines "the rides". It was fun. Why it seems like work is beyond me. My dad was walking his dogs, and came in after, and said "I have a terrible headache" and died. He went to walk the dogs after working on his taxes all morning. He died on a monday afternoon. So I didn't get a call from him that day. My sister called and said she needed to talk to me and for me to call her. I called her a 7. I find it kind of funny that my dad died on a monday. They say statisticly, people die more on mondays than any other day, which is a freak of nature! In nature every day is every day, but in a man's world, monday is monday! My dad liked to walk and he loved to walk his dogs everyday. That was his way of relaxing, or just getting lost in the walk. He really needed some other stress releasers. He was a major TypeA kind of guy. Any change in his schedule and his blood pressure would go off, erratic. Even if it was a good thing like a visit or a trip. I am a lot like him, but a reluctant TypeA. I like to slack stuff off, and break-up my schedule. I can justify a day of relaxation.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a blog about getting back on track, new beginnings, not about my dad. But then I am my dad in a way, so it is about me and how I realize that its always time to start, not time to wait,... you may not have that time later. So, I will start again, and again. New beginnings are fresh, the beginning of a line, the starting point, ready to watch to see what direction the line leads. I've decided to blog this time. I'm not much of a blogger, mainly because I become long winded and get off track. I read the article about how to blog and decided to try it out. Maybe it will keep me on track to want to keep on track. I am going to post a picture of my dad cause I guess I miss him today, and have wrote most of this about him. This is an earlier pic, because this is how I remember him. He had a white mustache in the last years, like col. Sanders from KFC, but I didn't know him with it so I dug out this pic where he is probably 73 not 80. Anyway, he is a great guy and a true inspiration for me. He taught me that time is not infinite, time is now.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi Christina - I am glad to see you are still around & posting. I will check in with you more. I just got back from Weight Watchers meeting - which I started back to again. I am doing Leslie Sansone DVDs now since it is wet & colder here.

    I will be in Long Beach in January though to visit our son. Need a break from this gloomy weather by then. Maybe we can hit up a walk on the beach.

    Best of Luck on your Restart.
    Better than not starting at all, right?
    Cuz we are now into the holidays!!!

    3793 days ago
  • CEEBEE200
    Hi Christina -
    I loved your blog - you should definitely blog more, you have a great conversational flow when you write. And I loved that it turned into a tribute to your dad. Your last sentence is something that will stick with me, something that I've been learning this year too, with the loss of my mum: "He [Her passing] taught me that time is not infinite, time is now."

    So here's to getting out there and just walking - small beginnings, but it all adds up!
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!
    - ceebee
    3794 days ago
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