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Sunday, December 05, 2010

After putting in a couple of weeks with zero days off(one timecard had 147 hours for 2 weeks!) my DH finally had a day off. Well, actually he had a few days off during Thanksgiving, but they were spent as more of a recovery just watching football and resting. Today was a great family day. We went to church together, had a nice meal out together, and got a beautiful Christmas tree. Tomorrow I will finally begin decorating! First I have to dig boxes out of the garage with all the decorations in them, I think they are buried.

Today's OWN it statement...
I tracked as best I could, even with going out to eat, but feel that I probably let my calories go over by a little.
I made sure to get my steps in, and since I chose not to wear a pedometer today, I did enough minutes in Walk It Out to go over 10,000 in addition to whatever I may have gotten throughout the day.

Today's TONE it...
forward lunges.

December Tracking, Day 5
11,061 steps for 3.3 miles in 75 minutes.
25 minutes Wii Fit Plus, bringing fit bank total to 104:39 of the 120 hours I am going for.
December total fitness minutes = 752
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