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Monday, December 06, 2010

I had a great weekend!!

Woke up early Sat am to go for a 50 min jog around the neighborhood - IN THE RAIN!! And - I DIDN'T melt!! Imagine that...lol I loved it - and can you believe even though of course I was blasting the iPod, I was humming "singin in the rain" as I merrily chugged along!! lol It was funny - people were driving past me looking at me like I lost my marbles! Thought of some catchy rainy jog lyrics as I went on my way...was giggling to myself all the while...
"I'm joggin in the rain, I'm joggin in the rain.
These people lookin at me think that I've gone insane!
I haven't lost my brain...
I'm sparkin all the same...
I'm joggin...in...the RAIN!"

Don't worry, I won't be quitting my day job any time soon!! lol

Saturday night - I attended a really fun baby shower in which I once again completely anhialated my competition in the "baby bottle drinking game"...*blushing* well...let's just put it this way; I had every last drop GONE while they all had 3/4 still remaining!! Won some Victoria's Secret smell-goods, so all is fair in baby shower gaming war! lol

Sunday, dh and I decided to have a date day...we took a drive up the coast on Hwy 1 to a little town called Marina near Monterey...we had to pick up something for my helmet he found on CraigsList, so we decided to make a day of it. Dh knows the beach is my favorite place in the world...We had such a blast trying to knock each other over in the sand as we ran like crazy people up and down the sand dunes - we were laughing hysterically! All this, in the rain! We got in over an hour of beach time running and walking in the sand, so you KNOW I added that in my tracker!!! We got to watch the surfers out catching the waves and all!! I loooove surfers...(shhh) and am even more determined to try it soon!

Here are some pics:

Me in my glamorous hood! lol

Laughing our a's off!

Check out that awesome tube action!

OMG - SURFERS!!!!!!!!

Drumroll, please...I saved my fave pic for last!

Oh yeah!! AND - Joey took 4th in his weight division at his very fist wrestling tourney this past Sat, too!!! A friend of mine took a video so hopefully I'll be able to make him a YouTube star with background music and all! I'm so happy for him, and I told him that now that he knows what to expect, he will only get better and better with each tourney!!! I'm his #1 fan, of course!!!

That's it, for now!!
Gonna make this week a GREAT one and plan to hit up Core Rhythms tonight after work!

emoticon emoticon
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  • DAV128
    Good for you guys. Looks like some terrific "US" time; AND you got in some conditioning. You're my hero. Glad to see someone besides me loves running in the rain. I just put on a thick sweat shirt, grab my MP3 player (books on tape you know) and off I go.

    Terrific to hear your son is doing so well in wrestling. While I was never a very good wrestler, when I was going to CAL POLY (Vaughn Hitchcock was the Coach back then), I had some close friends who were and (you'll have to look this up) I was in the stands when Cal Poly beat Iowa and DAN GABLE ending Iowa's record dual meet win streak - this was easily the most exciting sporting event I ever personally attended. A friend of mine, the Heavy Weight Wrestler for Poly, Pinned his Iowa Opponent to secure the win.

    Anyway, wish your son continued good luck!

    3694 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/10/2010 2:22:27 AM
    Holy smokes. Jogging in the rain! You better go girl.

    3694 days ago
    "I'm joggin in the rain, I'm joggin in the rain.
    These people lookin at me think that I've gone insane!
    I haven't lost my brain...
    I'm sparkin all the same...
    I'm joggin...in...the RAIN!"

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    I freaking LOVE IT!!! I will SO think of that the next time I am out for a run in the rain. Seriously, it will be months from now at some point in the Spring, but I will not forget this! You crack me up!
    3696 days ago
    Yay Joey! He will be getting first place before you know it =) Anddddd what an awesome Sunday with the hubby! Glad you enjoyed your weekend - rain and all.
    3697 days ago
    Love the pics!! Good for you, running in the rain and on sand yet. Way to go!!

    You are so lucky to live near the ocean and in such a great climate. I live in the frozen north, brrr, and hate it. Maybe some day I will live near the ocean and where it is warm.

    3697 days ago
    You look amazing gf! Thinner, younger and happier looking girl in the pictures. So glad you and dh are enjoying life to the fullest. Keep it up!! My Sara is still shredding, but missed a couple times. Enjoying it, tho. Have an awesome Sparkweek! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3697 days ago
  • ASHLEYW_206
    You ran for 50 minutes?!?!?!? HOLY CRAP GIRL! I can't believe that. You are amazing!

    What a fun trip to Monterey you guys had. I am dying to learn to surf myself but it's a little too chilly for my liking.

    How impressive that you did this all in the rain! I've gotten used to doing everything in the rain, but it's not nearly as fun!

    Way to go, lady...you are so awesome! Have a fabulous week!
    3698 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/6/2010 5:02:24 PM
    Thanks, all!!

    Yes, the jog in the rain was different for me - I did love it....although I'm not sure I'd make it a regular habit lol!!!
    3698 days ago
    Awesome!! Sounds like a very good couple of days! You should come to the northeast and try your hand at running in the snow!! Just a suggestion. Great blog!! I love the positivity!!!
    3698 days ago
    Jeannie! You HOT MAMA you! Do you KNOW how stunning you are?!?!? And you sound like me--rain, shine, SNOW, I'm out there running. I am SO PROUD of you girl--and I enjoyed your lyrics :)
    3698 days ago
    Jeanie GIRL ~

    LOOK at YOU!!! YOU don't look a day over 21!!! SHAZAAM!!

    Sounds like you had a wonderfully fulfilled weekend!! You crack me up with that whole baby bottle bonanza thing!!! You should see if there is a tournament of that type of thing!!! HAHAHAHA!!

    So proud of JOEY!!! Thatta kid! He's doing so GREAT...you must be very proud of having such a highly motivated kiddo!!

    WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO on the run in the rain!! I liked your little jazzy song!! I've been loving the "Raise Your Glass" by Pink.....so LOVE her!!

    Can't believe my Bro will be here in 11 days....getting very excited!! We painted Brianna's room and the bed is ready to go!!! I plan on putting our old bed set on the guest bedroom...because I ordered an awesome quilt set from JC Penney...can't WAIT for its arrival!!!

    Chat at ya later sweet darlin' girl!!!

    BIG HUGS and LOVE,
    Care Bear

    3698 days ago
  • WOODY113
    Sounds like a great day. Loved your pictures, too!
    3698 days ago
    I've never ran in the rain but I've read that it's an incredible feeling, an empowerment like you can conquer anything!
    3698 days ago
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