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#439: Weekly Success Without Being Perfect

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In Friday's Blog #438, "The Magic of One Pound," readers were encouraged to join the unofficial one pound lost club where the aim is simply to lose one pound. When we have done that, we will have a sense of accomplishment and can then shoot for the next one pound.

The purpose of the suggestion was to keep us from getting frustrated over the often large number of pounds we want to lose and to build up our confidence with continued successes, one pound at a time.

Now, I suggest an additional plan to help keep us from feeling like a failure if we backslide one day or go over our calorie limit or don't exercise on a particular day. It's based on the same thinking as the lose one pound concept, to build our self-confidence with easily attainable goals.

This suggestion? Set a target of, say, four or five positive days a week. That way, if we mess up one or two or even three days a week we don't beat ourselves up over not being perfect every single day until we reach our weight loss goal.

If we have more than our target of four or five good days of watching our calories and doing some exercise, then that is a bonus.

Once we are consistent with our first goal, then let's step it up to five or six positive days a week, still leaving a day or two for having intentional or unintentional off days. Again, because we are not striving to be perfect every day, we will build up our confidence and begin to develop the habit of trying to make each day the best we can. But if we don't once in a while? No worry, we still can meet our goal for the week.

This does not mean on the "off" days we can binge and eat everything in sight, but we have those days we simply do not feel like exercising or we forget or time slips away from us or we exceed our calorie limit by a bit, not by 1,000 or 3,000 calories, but a bit. This way, that's not a failure if we still hit our weekly goal, eventually making the good days a normal occurrence for us.

So, if you're on board with the lose one pound at a time plan, add the weekly plan to your arsenal and begin gaining a more solid belief that this is definitely something at which you can succeed.

Four or five days out of seven. That's 57 percent to 71 percent and still be a success. Remember, even in school we didn't have to be perfect to get an A. Neither do we need to be perfect with our weight loss plan.

Small steps and new ways of looking at things will get us to where we want to go. Which is the smaller sized clothes rack at the store, right?

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