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Friday, December 17, 2010

Here are my progress pics...something went funky with my lighting, but here is what I got at 6 AM this morning...after 30 DS Level 2 so excuse the hair and lack of excitment.

Can tell I am losing inches. Hopefully next week I'll be able to find my real camera and not have to use my phone.
Still at 145.5 but I'm still ahead of goal. So I'm happy. Post more later.

So today has been crazy! Last day of school before our two week break for Christmas time! Anyway, today may be my cheat day. I'm really craving some chips and salsa. I want Mexican food so so bad. Trying to talk the hubby into going to get some tonight so that I can have all weekend to work off the extra calories. I have resisted cravings for a while and now that I am almost ten lbs down, I think I deserve one night of my favorite foods.

Looking at my comparison pics in my album, I can see the toning. My back is slimming up as well as my tummy. I'm ready to see those abs. I still struggle with the cellulite below my butt on my back thighs. it will take time and may never go away, but it would be nice to reduce that. A tan would help. LOL. Hope all have had a great Friday.
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