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Some advice for people just starting off that i sent in an email

Monday, January 03, 2011

I understand putting the hurt on one's self. Two things to get to help you along and to make sure you do not truly hurt yourself as i did.

A scale for measuring your food. I tried using cups and teaspoons and all but that is such a guess on things that i often found myself usually not eating enough of some or maybe to much of other things without knowing. You do get to a point where you can eyeball it but that is something you will have to try a bit while eating out and such to guess the amount you have eaten. Also when adding foods other members have entered which is a great tool, make sure they use weighed amounts not cups. Trust me this just helps in staying on track and truly recording what you are eating. Especially when it comes to if you are getting enough of all the nutrition you need in all areas.

2nd thing and this you can get later if you wish is a heart rate monitor. The key to cardio I have found is your heart rate. I use a Garmin Forerunner 305 which is great also for tracking your distance and such. I had to get one when I was over doing it after losing the weight and it kept coming off, got down to 180 at one point from my target of 215. I was over doing the cardio, working out 7 days a week and in my highest heart rate zone for 70 minutes or more a day, which you should only be in this level for no more than 4 minutes at a time only a couple times or if you are running a race. Here is my blog on those results www.sparkpeople.com/mypa
It also is great to know and I wish I had from the get go. I constantly continued to challenge myself walking further and further but would have been better had I had a device that told me how far I went and what my heart rate was. You will find over time doing the same workouts will not challenge your body the same and you will get better and better at them and need to continuously change and challenge yourself more to keep moving forward and see results. I see many people who plateau because they keep doing the same thing over and over and it worked before but now it didn't. Well it is because we need to keep our bodies guessing and hearts pumping.

Anyway those are two things I suggest you get. Also have good shoes and give your shoes a day off or two in between uses. A friend who is a runner warned me about this and you can read it other places as well. But your shoes need a day to recover so the gel and cushioning can bounce back or decompress. Wearing the same shoes everyday will eventually take a toll on your body. Also be mindful of how many miles you put on your shoes and look for signs they are wearing out. I buy 2 to 3 pairs of shoes at a time when they are on sale. But only do this if you know the shoes will work for you. I break mine in by wearing them to work for a week, then in the gym for a while then slowly start using them outside for running. Just above all else pay attention to what your feet and body tell you, do not be stubborn to the point of hurting yourself.

On food, I find it fun and now have a new appreciation for food that I make my own more often. I still eat out here and there but then when I find something I like I go home and deconstruct it taking out the stuff I don't like, want or care about and then putting it back together the way i like it. Takes some doing to figure out but is so worth it. I make my own General Tao's Chicken now and eat it almost every day at work. I have many many many meals I make and just love them. Also great to try new things and substitute new things into things you already like.

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