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#445: Ten "B"s For Weight Loss Success

Friday, January 07, 2011

We can all be winners in the weight loss game if we keep these "B"s in mind:

1. BE REALISTIC: Our excess weight did not accumulate overnight and will not disappear overnight. The more overweight we are, the longer it may take to reach our goal weight but we can reach it!

2. BE DETERMINED: Do not be waylaid by the occasional slip up. They will happen. We are not perfect and can not expect our weight loss efforts to be flawless. We will occasionally overeat and not exercise but if we are determined to lose weight, we will bounce back and not falter in our efforts. When we need to stop at a red light while driving, we don't give up, turn around and go back home, do we? No, we keep heading toward our destination because we are determined to get there. Let's stay the course and always picture our final destination -- our goal weight.

3. BE POSITIVE: In all things. Look for the good in every situation. Being positive in our thoughts and words reinforces in our minds that we will not allow negatives to deter us from our goal. Do not be influenced by naysayers. They will try to sabotage our efforts but having a positive outlook will cause their negativity to not affect us.

4. BE FOCUSED: Let's always keep in mind an image of how we will look and how proud we will feel when we reach our goal weight. Remember, we do this for ourselves, no one else. With every healthy meal and every exercise let's remind ourselves of what we are working toward -- the healthier, more fit, thinner new person we deserve to be.

5. BE PROUD: Of every success. A weekly loss less than we hoped for is still a loss and we should pat ourselves on the back for it then get to work on the next week's loss. When we can increase our exercise, lift heavier weights for more repetitions, walk for a longer time or run a longer distance, we should be proud. When we need to buy smaller size clothes, we should be proud. When someone pays us a compliment on our success, we should be proud. When we resist overeating or when we overcome our desire to skip exercising and do it, we should be proud.

6. BE FAITHFUL: In tracking what we eat. Only by seeing how much we are eating can we get a clear picture of how we need to change.

7. BE HELPFUL: To others in a similar situation. Let's point them in the direction that will lead them to a better life and share advice on nutrition and exercise and what has worked for us. Isn't the gift of a healthier, happier life one that should be spread to the world rather than be kept to ourselves? Think of how gratifying it will be when a friend, relative or co-worker tells us one day, "Thank you for giving me my life back. I couldn't have done it without your help."

8. BE THANKFUL: To God or the essence of the universe for everything in our lives -- our clothes, our cars, our homes, our family, our pets, the beauty of a sunrise and sunset, the food we eat, the strength to persevere when we want to give up, the energy to give our utmost effort when we think we can't go further, the enjoyment we experience when we reach a goal, the ability to do what exercises we are capable of, the support of so many others who wish us success and for simply being alive.

9. BE FLEXIBLE: When we are faced with disabilities that do not allow us to perform certain exercises, let's find others we can do instead. We don't need a gym to be successful nor do we need fancy workout clothes or the latest fitness equipment. Simple walking will help take off the pounds. Being rigid in most things will cause us frustration. Routine is good but flexibility will freshen our attitudes and our outlook on life.

10: BE A BELIEVER: Let's always believe in ourselves we can do this. Let's never doubt that we will be successful. Let's come to know deep inside us that we are worthy of reaching our goals and becoming the new person we long to be. Let's always believe we are made for greatness and that we are able to achieve great things. Let's always keep an attitude of "I will" and "I can."

These are my 10 "B"s. Can you add to the list? Wishing you the best of health and the best of success.

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