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Day 2- Official 28-Day Bootcamp Workout Challenge

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I had a busy evening and by the time I got home it was 8:45pm.

I immediately changed and threw on my boot camp video. I completed it and then for giggles did it again with Payton....she saw how fast it went so she wanted to try it too. So WE did it together!! I was soooo proud of her.

Once I was done, I jumped on Millie for my 30 min of cardio.

While I was 'briskly walking' 4 MPH at a 4% incline, Payton was playing Epic Mickey on the Wii.
In the last 10 minutes of my cardio I started telling Payton how many minutes left til I was done...so she was ready when I said....BED TIME!!!

Well...this is where it gets funny...sort of...ok...LOTS

Just as I am about to tell her there are 7 minutes left, I get excited about the level she is on in the game and tell her to "JUMP"... as I wag my finger in the general direction of where I want her to jump to (Epic Mickey is quite entertaining! ) .
It's my game and I haven't got to play it because my kids are hogging it...wait...I digress...

Anyway, in all my excitement, I lost my footing and fell...yup where is a camera when you need it!? AFV would have loved what I did!

So as I am going down, I am trying to reach for the emergency stop cord but keep stumbling...


man that thing was moving and dragging me along with it...

Once I realized I wasn't gonna catch the cord and let the treadmill take me instead of fighting it....I bounced off the wall behind the treadmill...mental note...MOVE TREADMILL TO OTHER SIDE OF ROOM ASAP!!!

I can't type what I really was saying in my head as I went down...

I think there is a profanity ban on the site...LMAO...
However, it BLEEPING hurt my BLEEPING face, my BLEEPING elbow, my BLEEPING shoulder, my BLEEPING knees...etc....you get the idea!!!

So after I hit the floor and freaked my daughter out...while the treadmill is still going and I am on the floor in crazy pain with two pugs licking my face, I have the presence of mind to yell..."don't pull the cord out...my stats!!!"

Seriously!! Can you believe that???

While Payton is yelling "OMG Mommy, are you alright, Mommy, Mommy...talk to me"...I can hear my 14 year old son, running from the upstairs to the basement to come to my rescue...as he flies around the corner he yanks the cord out to stop the treadmill...I yell "NOOOOOOO...My stats"

he did it anyway...

Once he helps me up and is sure I am reasonably 'OK'....he goes back up stairs laughing at me...

OK, I admit...it WAS funny....if the cameras were rolling , no doubt we'd have won a hefty chunk of cash from America's Funniest Videos.

I jump back on the treadmill and finish off the last seven minutes of my workout. Man did the treadmill burn hurt!

So there you have it...I am officially a loser...yup yup yup...

But I still managed to get my workouts in...WOOHOO!!!

Gotta LOVE those knees...

Lesson for the day...

Attach the damn emergency cord to your actual body...NOT wrap it around the handle of the treadmill....
Payton reminded me of this just before she fell asleep. She said "I don't understand why you weren't wearing it Mommy, you always make us wear it!"

Tru Dat!!!

Later Sparkers,

emoticon emoticon emoticon

BTW...I did 30 minutes on that beast!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You so coo coo! Safety first!!!
    3603 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6097965
    Payton reminded me of this just before she fell asleep. She said "I don't understand why you weren't wearing it Mommy, you always make us wear it!"

    You know it now!!!

    3603 days ago
  • ALIKATZ1963
    Dang, you're taking calories off the hard way!
    Good job getting back on the horse. don't know if I would have done the same.
    Hope you are not too sore and feel better very soon!
    3603 days ago
    I learnt the hard way too about that emergency top cord!!!
    3603 days ago
    You are a fighter...with skinned knees to prove it!
    3603 days ago
    It's official. Exercise is important to you.
    1. You started around 9pm. 9pm!?!? I am so in bed & snoozing by then. You started at 9pm?!?! And you get up for work the next day? That alone is crazy.
    2. You had a mini stroke a couple of months ago & you are getting on Millie at 9PM.
    3. Millie bucks you off as a horse would & you are thinking of your stats (I admit it, I'd be thinking the same thing)?!?!? You are nuts.
    4. You immediately get back on. You are TOUGH!

    You are rockin' it!
    emoticon emoticon
    3603 days ago
    Oh boy, I hope you're not too sore today!! I've seen people fall off treadmills before and it always scares the crap out of me. I'm so proud of you for jumping back on and finishing your run, but I'm soooo sorry about your lost stats! I fell once on an outdoor run, and never mind the blood running down my legs or the gravel in the cuts on my knees (where I still have scars 3 months later), I was more worried about the time I was losing by lying on the ground. Yeah, all of us runners are crazy!!
    3603 days ago
    I hope those knees get better soon.
    Glad you finished your WO with all that trouble.

    We'd better watch out. You are so determined. You'll reach your goal in no time. Just don't get too excited next time. emoticon
    3603 days ago
  • ANNE7X7
    That's it! I'm locking you up in a padded room. You are a danger to yourself.

    PS: Never forget to stop your Garmin when falling. it's essential to have accurate stats. I get that!
    3603 days ago
    I don't think I could laugh about that, just aswell you have a sense of humour lol.

    I hope the pain goes away soon. Well done for carrying on!
    3603 days ago
  • ROBYN168
    I so know what you are going through. I did this about a year ago.....however I didn't land on the floor - I landed with my body in a plank, as I am holding onto the side rails (thinking in my head - NOT MY FACE) - however - my shins were on the band, and it was rubbing my skin off! I have scars to prove it..
    Glad you are OK - I'm sure you will be sore tomorrow.
    3603 days ago
    There's never a video camera around when we need one. emoticon Glad you could keep a sense of humor about things - I probably would have whined like a kid.
    3604 days ago
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