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My 1st cold race run, An email I sent a friend who gave me a free entry into it she had won.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Well the race was a learning experience for me. I ran the first part fast when I found myself in the back of the pack at the starting line so I just started to sprint through everyone, bad idea. So ran the first 3 miles at a 6 to 7 minute mile pace. Using a face shield was my next lesson, by start of mile 3 I was suffocating from using it and had to pull it off and was drained from lack of O2. So kept pushing through and out to Urish but at about 5.5 mile mark my tights started biting my ankle so I stopped to unzip them quickly. Went to restart running and well stopping is always a bad idea for me just felt so off after that and had to stop a half mile later I just hit a wall or something. So the rest of the race I was stop and go which has never ever happened to me before. My back seized up and my muscles would cool off from slowing down, even had frost on my knees. Lesson 4 was never were shoes you haven't run long distances before to run a race. I wore my trail shoes which I have used to run before but not that far and they are not that broken in. Plus they work the way I run differently because of the way they are built and weight of them. Lesson 5 was train during colder parts of the day not warmest days. I had run 11 miles the week before on part of the race route in 1:26 and then run the Shunga the week before that for 14.25 miles in 1:50 when it was 70 degrees outside. So thinking this was going to be the same running in 25 degree weather as 60 to 70 degree was foolish. Lesson six was do not over dress, I wore two pairs of tights and three compression shirts along with another long sleeve shirt and a pull over. Worried about my back getting cold I put all this on thinking it would help but I noticed it was to much and too tight. Found the shirts restricted my chest to much and the tights pulled to much reducing my stride when running.

So those lessons learned during race and after I went to Auburn school and sat and ate some pancakes for about 30 minutes. Well in that time I cooled off and was soaked to the bone in all those clothes. So when I went outside to look for Melinda who was going to pick me up at 2pm I did not find her after walking 2 blocks in the cold wind and realized I was freezing. Went back found a friend and borrowed phone and found out she was still quite distance away so I would have been out there for quite some time. Still was freezing but didn't notice since I was in the school. So she came about 20 minutes later and I walked outside and was shivering so bad I could not sit still. So the 15 minutes or so it took to get home sucked. Jumped in the shower and was freezing still. Thought I had warmed up after 10 minute hot shower but shivering again and bundled up in sweats, thick robe, wool socks, slippers, blanket and heating pad. Took me 2 hours to get to where I actually felt hot and had a mild fever. So now I know why everyone changes after this race. So you don't freeze your behind off! LOL!

So I was all stiff in my muscles and felt pretty worked over and out. Sunday I went to church and had to hold Jesse and that was just painful to my back so when I got home I looked up a hotel with a hot tub and went there and used it for the day and recovered.

Today I feel much better and again now am chuckling over it all and realize it taught me a lot and humbled me to know I do not always finish at the front of the pack. Sometimes just finishing is good enough and learn so you do not repeat past mistakes in future races. I finished in 2:04 in 190th(out of 380 I think?) place and 19th in my age group. So next year I will be better prepared and never ever think I have finishing with a good time in the bag.

Thanks for the entry into it and I would have run it regardless of entry fee. But maybe I didn't take it as seriously since I didn't and so I ended up paying for it, lol. Life is funny and I hope you enjoy reading this and it may sound bad it is just plain funny now 2 days later. Also running when my back had started tightening up 3 weeks prior and then getting worse with the snow shoveling earlier in the week may not have been the smartest for me to decide to run and run hard. Again I learned and I am a better runner now because of it. Hope you had a great weekend and hope this answer wasn't to much but instead was fun, it is meant to be.


This is my second half marathon by the way, 1st one I ran in 1:38 so 2nd being 2:04 just three months later was a bit disheartening but I learned a lot and kinda sounds funny as you read it. Hope others may learn and laugh from it!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Definitely sounds like some lessons learned. I know that I wouldn't have thought of most of that.
    3336 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6184599
    I have been thinking about this blog post for a couple days now. I think mostly because it has been so cold here and I've been too ill to walk outside. We've dipped down into the single digests and yes I could bundle up but to be honest, I am a bit scared to walk alone in these temps. If I were to slip and fall that would be the end of Danny.

    I have an idea... let's find Jack Frost and beat the crap out of him! hehe
    3354 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6184599
    I believe in learning from others and I am going to re-read this so that I learn these now that I have taken up distance walking in the winter.
    3358 days ago
    Wow! You definitely learned lots!! But 2hrs for a half, I think is pretty darn good! LOL. I know, that's slower for you, but speedy-fast for me :)

    3359 days ago
    WoW! You learned a lot!! I wish that I had those times in my half marathons...You are a fast runner!!! Not so sure about running in 23 degree weather though. Great job and hold your head high!!!! YOU DID AWESOME!!! emoticon
    3359 days ago
    Sorry your 2nd run was not what you would have liked. Freezing temps would have kept me home and warm, but I am a big wimp. Sounds like you learned a lot of balance here in this experience. Hope you are all back to normal again. Thanks for sharing your experience, there is always something to learn here.
    3359 days ago
    You are very inspiring
    3359 days ago
    23*F sounds kind of nice; emoticon

    We've been training at near zero, but not layered up quite that much. I'm sure that through all of your lessons you'll be better prepared for the next cold run. I usually have a l/s cold-weather compression top on, l/s running shirt, tights and shorts. That'll usually keep me warm down to near zero. Haven't been out any colder than that; yet.

    Keep on ROCKIN and inspiring!
    3359 days ago
    You learned a LOT of lessons!!! These are things that many people go through! It's a lot better to practice running in the type of weather you'll be racing in - that way you know EXACTLY what to wear! I also never wear shoes that I haven't run at least the race distance or more in (except for the marathon, in which case I need at least a good long run in them) And changing out of race gear pronto is a good thing as well. Also not going out too fast, all that good stuff. This will make you a much better racer for next time! :) Plus I'm mega jealous that a disaster time for you is still so fast. :D haha. Great job persevering through all the issues!
    3359 days ago
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