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#448: A Terrific Day!

Friday, January 21, 2011

I followed my friend feed suggestion this morning to find joy in everything today.

On every drive today emoticon whatever radio station I turned on had upbeat music playing emoticon emoticon. I'm sure other drivers did a double take when they saw me tapping the steering wheel in rhythm and shaking and baking, moving and grooving to the songs. emoticon

At the weigh-in I was down 1.6 pounds emoticon, more than the one pound I suggest we all aim for. Doing so is something we all can accomplish and every little success reinforces our confidence and belief that we can do this emoticon. The .6 was a bonus. Yes, as we all should be, I was proud and strutted out to the car. emoticon

Then I drove to lunch at Denny's where my most favorite waitress in the world works emoticon. Lisa is personable and because I stop by so often, many times with the computer to write, the manager and staff do not object when she sits with me for a minute so we can catch up on our lives. Plus, breakfast for lunch is always a good meal emoticon emoticon, especially when I only eat a banana emoticon or yogurt for breakfast on weigh-in day. I shared my newspaper with a young lady in the next booth and talked with a couple across from me about their handsome baby boy emoticon, just three months old.

This afternoon was spent catching up on emails and blogs and listening to more music emoticon. Dinner tonight (a rare exception to eat out for two meals in one day but was still less than 100 calories over my daily limit) was with a friend at another favorite diner where we know all the staff and many of the patrons. We had a nice talk with three police officers who sat next to us emoticon emoticon emoticon (my friend and I are both retired from law enforcement).

Dinner was also delicious and filling so I won't eat anything else tonight.

Tonight has been and will be more time on SP and Facebook, editing a book on assignment and then getting in some exercise emoticon.

All of this may not seen particularly significant to anyone else, but it has been a most pleasant day. My heart and mind have been filled with peace and friendship and now I look forward to reading a new book emoticon before bedtime emoticon.

No, it may seem like anything special, but it was a day I wanted to share with my emoticons.

I hope you will also be able to find joy in everything you do in the days to come. Remember to stay positive and determined and focused on your goals. And, always believe in yourself you can do this, one day, one pound at a time. emoticon
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