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#451: Do Not "Hope" For Weight Loss

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do you hope for an end to hunger or homelessness or cruelty to people and animals or hope for many other aspects of the world to improve?

If so, you are to be commended. But when we refer to our weight loss efforts, hope is not going to help us reach our goals. Hope will not generate positive progress. Hope will not help us become the thinner, healthier person we desire to be.

Let me give an example:

When I first wrote my profile page introduction, the title was "I hope to lose four bowling balls." I quickly realized that kind of thinking would hold me back so I changed it to, "Will lose four bowling balls."

The difference in our minds of merely hoping for a result and knowing it WILL happen is a tremendous difference. Our goals and our thinking need to be specific. Hope is a vague wishing for a result whereas knowing we WILL accomplish something is a concrete belief in ultimate success.

Which person do you think has a better chance of reaching their goal, the one who "hopes" to lose some weight or the one who "knows" they "will" lose 25 pounds?

The wishy-washy hoping can easily carry over into other areas of our lives if we let it -- "I hope I can have a good day," "I hope I can find time to exercise," "I hope to stay within my calorie range."

All negative statements!

Be bold and convincing! "I WILL have a good day!" "I WILL find time and enjoy exercising!" "I WILL stay within my calorie range!"

We learn negative thinking almost as soon as we are born when our parents and others repeatedly tell us, "No, don't do that," or "No, don't touch that," and the hundreds of other times we are told, "No."

It takes a great effort to overcome those negatives with positive affirmations. But it can be done with focused, determined, regular effort.

So the next time you begin to say or begin to post, "I hope..." catch yourself and change your thoughts and words around 180 degrees to "I WILL!"

If you do, your attitude will improve as will your belief in yourself. You will find the time to exercise, even for 10 minutes at a time. You will eat a healthy meal and snack. You will do these things because you WILL reach your goal when you refuse to use the word "hope."

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