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Afternoon and Evening Sabotaging Me!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

I gained a pound this week. This is a big deal, simply because of how few calories I'm supposed to be eating. I have to eat OVER 3000 calories to gain a pound b/c of my weight. HOW did I let this happen? Yes, I know it's not healthy to kick yourself for it, but I am. Because it's my. own. fault.

Afternoons - specifically while in car line waiting for my daughter to get out of school - are my worst times. My two year old goes down for a nap, so I'm alone. And let's face it, there's not much to do in a car. So I read or listen to NPR. This is a problem for me because these are triggers - I HAVE to eat something while I read. I think it's psychological. I used to have to smoke, so I guess I just substituted one addiction for another.

Evenings are another hard time for me. After dinner, I give the kids a bath and send them to bed. Around 7:30 my husband and I finally have time to relax. So, we watch TV - that's not something that's going to change any time soon (hey, I'm realistic, here). And . . . well, watching TV is yet ANOTHER trigger for me. And it doesn't help when both my husband AND my 14 year old son go to the kitchen for snacks and come back with chips, cereal, cookies . . . Not good for me at all.

So, I'm putting this out there -
I'm sure you've ALL been there.
Any advice on what a girl can do to alleviate these triggers?
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    I guess it's not surprise that many of us are probably looking for the same answers... the car problem I don't suffer from, although I do laugh at myself sometimes as I managed to stop smoking without any help whatsoever and literally overnight, but food - another story entirely!! I thought nicotine was the most addictive drug?!

    Evenings - aah - evenings, now there's a BIG problem for me as well. I just wish my hubby would stop me getting up and going into the kitchen, or lock the door for me, but I guess he loves me the way I am and I've got to get on and find that willpower once again myself.

    If I come across any fantastic ideas, I'll let you know! Good luck!

    3758 days ago
    I can relate to the car and evening TV time being triggers to eat. Those are my weak areas too. I have solved to car thing by just not having/allowing food in the car. In the evenings (when everyone else is snacking in front of the tube) I chew sugarless gum and have begun knitting a blanket with all my scrap yarn. Some nights that works, some...not so much.
    3789 days ago
    You still rock!
    3790 days ago
    In the car... I would simply not keep anything in there to eat, you can´t eat what is not there. I have (through making same mistake over and over) learned that I can´t keep any "snack" food in my house, I would definitely not be able to have it in the car.

    If you have any IRL friends that you share your problem with eating compulsively with, you could call them on the cell phone while waiting and just share your craving and difficulty to live with it. I sometimes do this when I have put gas in my car and go into the shop to pay – I know that I am very vulnerable to all that snack and sometimes they have bake-off and it smells sooo good... so I call an OA friend before I go in and keep her on the line while I am paying and get out again...

    As for the sofa – much harder problem for me. For the moment I am knitting to keep my hands occupied, it helps for a while. But it is easier for me because I only have my daughter two weekends a month and between those times I am alone which means that nobody display temptations under my nose and I don´t have to have them in the house. WHen my daughter comes I usually fall (as yesterday with popcorn) but since it is only two times a month I try not to get upset about it... and sometimes I can manage.

    Good luck, you have a tough mission there... maybe you should start with the car situation and try to manage that before you address the teve time...
    3790 days ago
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    Try the Extra Dessert Gums, pop it in your mouth and you will have to take it out and throw it away to put something else in. Gives you extra thinking time to say no. I keep it in my car too and beside my bed.
    3790 days ago
    Can you reserve your fruit until these times that are trigger times for you? Or a protein and carb snack?

    I also allowed myself some chocolate low fat ice cream into my daily nutrition tracker when I first started sparking. I think that helped...
    3791 days ago
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