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Now THAT was hard and not pretty!

Friday, January 28, 2011

We are 4 weeks out from Princess HM and the training continues with LONG long runs now before me. I ran one of those LONG long runs this afternoon. The training plan called for 12.5 miles and I looked at it as just another walk in the park. I was confident that it would be easily completed in about 2 hours 25-ish minutes. What a fool I am as I was truly humbled and brought back to reality today.

I went into work EARLY so I could leave at noon to gitter dun. I have bee obsessed with the weather so I could plan for that perfect day to run this booger. I decided on this afternoon even though the streets are still somewhat icy in spots and slushy in others. The temps were very doable and wind not a factor. Sweet.

I get all geared up and head out the door after taking a deep breath. Lets do this thing. Running my long runs in our neighborhood in the winter is like a sport. I want to run every stretch of street including all of the cul-de-sacs and there are a ton. Seeing the route on my runs after uploading my beloved Garmin is fun stuff to me. I would still love to run these at our favorite bike path along the Mississippi River but its not doable this time of year.

I am doing awesome for the first 6 miles and fully aware that the magice 7 mile mark is just before me. That is the point where I will find out if my knee will give me fits. That is the reason I ahve been getting ART treatments. My last long run of 11 miles was flawless with no pain. This run would not be a pain free run. Right at 7 miles I felt that ache and no, I am not imaging this. Miles 7 through 10.17 were very challenging.

At this point, the slush on the streets was stating to refreeze. Damn! My feet starts to slip and slide a bit, just enough to keep you on guard. The knee ache was there also. I changed my Gymboss to :30/:30 intervals and that helped get me through to 10 miles. Then I was starting to simply get pissed and tearing up with frustration. At mile 8 I dig out my iphone and see if I could get into Dr. Lake (ART) and she wasn't in this afternoon. I will see her Tuesday thank God.

At the 10.17 mile point I reached our house. I decide to give it up outside and finish out on the stupid treadmill. Oh, how I hate that thing. BUT I was NOT going to stop short of my goal. So I head in and tell hubby I am pissed beyond belief and swith my clothing for a TM run. Just 2.5 miles and I will reach my goal.

Running on the TM was miserable and I just wanted this long run to be done! My knee ached and my confidence was trashed, but I did it. I ran 12.5-ish miles and have the numbers to prove it.

It wasn't pretty but I did it. My theory as to what made this a sucky run is that this is about the point in HM training that you may have a truly bad run. I have seen it happen so amny times. Next, I have been pretty lax in my 40 minute runs during the week. Cabin fever and the flu can be blamed but I also a little case of laziness can be factored in. I learned a big lesson there. I learned that Jeff Galloway made those during the week runs for a reason. They are to aid in the continued building of your body's running structure. they are not "just" 4 mile runs. They are important.

Laurie, what do you do now? I am glad you asked. I am NOT going to skip any of my scheduled training runs. We are 4 weeks out and I still have a chance to salvage myrunning fitness. I will go to Dr. Lake to receive my ART treatments. I will start doing my running ST that she Rx'ed so my left leg does not over-compensate for my weak right leg thus the knee pain at 7 miles. I need to have a balanced core and hip muscles. It is vital if I want to run 5 HM's this year.

I have a 14 mile long run in 2 weeks and I fully intend on making it successful. I know that with today's difficult run I gained substantially from it. It was not a waste and it is just part of the process. Trust the process.

Here are the stats for my outside run:
10.17 miles
12:16 ap (2/:30 intervals)
980 cals burned
splits: 12:14, 12:14, 12:10, 12:08, 12:13, 12:11, 12:13, 12:07, 12:36, 12:29, 13:02

Treadmill run:
2.55 miles
35 min
278 cals burned

There you have it. It was truly hard and definitely not pretty but I got it done no blood but the sweat and the tears. I have been humbled back into reality.

Until next time...


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Which Galloway plan are you using? The free ones I find online only call for 30 minute runs during the week...
    3723 days ago
    These mentally challenging runs are the ones I dread the most. You're a strong person to be able to push through it.
    3723 days ago
  • TIGGER622
    ATTA girl!!! Sometimes you just gotta push through and get it done! So proud of you! You are so so awesome!
    3724 days ago
    Laurie, you are such an amazingly strong and determined woman. I'm in awe!

    I also had a not-great run on Sunday. It was 10 miles and to be honest, I'm surprised I made it through the first two. My head and my body were just not into it.
    3725 days ago
    Where are you getting ART treatment from?
    3726 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4429274
    Good luck to you. I so appreciate following along with your progress. I'm training for my own first Half Marathon on March 13th, and I am learning from your updates!

    3726 days ago
    Good for you for making it through. I had my 12.5 this weekend too and I went into it with a similar attitide -- "this should be easy, I have run a marathon!!". Well, NOT. At mile 9 I thought I was hitting the wall. I made it through, but it was tough.

    Hope the doctor is able to help with the knee pain! At least for Princess you won't need to battle the ice & slush!!!
    3726 days ago
    Good job making it through the sucky run. I am just a few weeks into training for my first half marathon, so I havent yet experienced any of the long runs. Now I just have to keep in mind that some of them might be kind of sucky, but I hope to perserver just like you did.
    3726 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4043450
    The crappy runs area always the worst. I almost turned around and went home after 2 miles this morning because my ankle was hurting so much. But I knew if I kept going it would eventually loosen itself up. Now I KNOW I need to warm up better pre-run. I mean I knew that before too, but today it made me painfully aware of how necessary the warming up for me really is. I've got 12 next week and that will be my longest run before the race. After that I'm dropping back to 11 and then 10 before the race.

    We are going to have such an awesome time!!!
    3726 days ago
    Sucky runs happen, but you accomplished your mileage.

    I too have grown to hate the 'mill, but sometimes they're an unnecessary evil.
    3726 days ago
    You did SOOO awesome, Laurie!!! It's those somewhat icky 12+ milers that pull us through to the finish, though! I totally identify with you saying it's "just a 40 minute run" - it's sometimes hard for us distance runners to see that just because it's not a 6+ miler there IS value to it!! I'm going through that now as I'm starting to hit my gym workouts a little harder. Just because I might walk a lot doesn't mean those workouts are any less important because they are an essential part of what gets me where I want and need to be. What is it with those dang right knees anyway???

    It's almost PRINCESS TIME!!

    emoticon emoticon
    3727 days ago
    Yes those short runs, even when they are easy runs, play an important role in maintaining form and conditioning. I could tell the difference late last summer and fall when I was battling allergies and cut back on the short runs. The long runs became much harder.
    emoticon emoticon
    3728 days ago
  • UROPA40
    Is there a local running club near you? I joined the club and got involved. We have a long run group that today only had myself and one other and at times we have had 8 people run it. There is a google group and I started by naming the time and meeting place and our pace. We run 12-12:30 pace with a walk break every mile. It helps me get through the long runs, I did one 20 mile long run by myself last year and what a difference it was to do it by myself. Good luck with the 1/2. Suzy
    3728 days ago
  • JEM0622
    Knee pain stinks the big one. Lots of ice until you can get to your doc.
    3728 days ago
    There are always lessons to be learned from a crappy long run. We have all had them. They shatter the confidence but few runners will let that stop them. I believe it is all just part of the process. You DIDN'T quit. You finished and you will be even more determined to conquer that 14 miler in 2 weeks.

    I hate running this time of year. Two weeks before Goofy I went out for a 6-8 mile run with my running group. The trails were crunchy with snow and ice. My feet kept slipping and I kept feeling pulling in my calf and knee. I stopped after 1 1/2 miles and turned around and walked back to the car. It is so hard to keep the balance which just increasing the chance for injury or re-injury. Please be careful. You have worked really hard and you will get to the starting and finishing line even with some crappy runs.
    3728 days ago
    My knees ache just reading this!! You are inspirational, my friend.
    emoticon emoticon
    3728 days ago
    You truly are an inspiration, Laurie. Keep up the good work! I'm so proud of you for working through the adversity that faced you today.
    3728 days ago
    You did it!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3728 days ago
    Way to fight through til the end. I am going to run outside tomorrow, just not sure where at yet...So is the bike path by the river not cleared off- that was one of my choices tomorrow after I get off work...
    3728 days ago
    I can't wait to one day get to where you're at. Even though the weather conditions weren't the greatest, you didn't give in or give up. You still got er done. Congrats! emoticon
    3728 days ago
    Especially glad for the "no blood" part with all of the injuries around the campfire! You are a tough cookie and you are going to own that race!!
    3728 days ago
    Any run is a good run, some are just better than others! You did great girl!
    I am so proud of you for keeping at it. You will be soooo ready for this HM!
    3728 days ago
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