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Beware the Wrath of Sensei Chili Dog!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Nope. It's not a blog about the dangers of eating chili dogs...although if you're like me, and you grew up in Cincinnati...Skyline Chili definitely has it's temptation! ;)

But no, this is about my crazy 10 year old son. He has my "slightly" wacky sense of humor, and the other day he came walking into the living room in the outfit pictured below and announced that I should "Beware the Wrath of Sensei Chili Dog". Of course, I immediately showed proper respect for a hot dog of his caliber by placing my fist to my flat palm and bowing, then suggested we do sun salutation to restore our peaceful balance. hahaha! ;)

Kids! They just crack me up!

Dana :)

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