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BLC Week 4 weigh in..... Progress

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Well, today was week 4 and our weigh in day along with measurements. I am happy with my results. They are not huge, but they are moving in the right direction. I am down a total of 3lbs and 2.5 inches. This challenge has got me thinking about exercise and what I am putting in mouth daily and having accountability is just what I need.

I have started Jeff Galloway's 5K training program yesterday. I have not really run since July due to a knee injury. I have had issues with my knee for a few years, but last time I pushed it and really ended up in a mess. I was not able to run a t all. Now that I am healed enough to start again I am taking it slow and smart. I have several knee supports, but of course they are in storage in a box someplace. So, instead of waiting till we move into our house to find them: I went out and bought an inexpensive one to get me through the next couple months. So, I have yet another one to add to my collection. It was so wonderful to hit the trail running again and I did an extra five minutes running comfortably. I am excited to having running back in my life. I have missed it terribly.

I am eating more healthy, but last week with TOM I did not do that great. I stayed within calorie range, but the choices with chips and chocolate included where not good, but it just leaves room to work on improving it next month. It can be such a challenge and at times I seem to just have no self control to say no, but at least I am not binging with the cravings. So, I guess there is an upside. Thanks Rangers!

I have had so much going on in life it has been challenging to stay on track, but the accountability and support of the Rose Rangers has really helped me take my journey back and move forward with health and weight loss. I needed it as I had been going down a slippery slop. It doesn't look like life will get less busy, so I need to keep working on making a lifestyle for my life's schedule.

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