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#454: If I Can Lose 40 Pounds (so far), So Can You!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Today I passed the 40 pounds lost milestone. Not looking for pats on the back but want to say, if I can do it, most anyone can, too. There is nothing special about me that is different from most other SP members.

I do not belong to a gym. I don't have a personal trainer or nutritionist or cook. I have severe back problems that make it difficult for me to stand more than 5-10 minutes at a time or to walk long distances and to do certain other exercises. I do what exercises I can as often as I can, even if it is walking for five minutes at a time on a treadmill emoticon.

I have been on medications to regulate my metabolism and get my blood sugars under control but I don't take appetite suppressants or fat burners or "cleansing" pills.

Yet I have lost the weight. In only 4/12 months. Without long walks or jogs or hours in the gym. Here are some common lessons I've applied that could help you, too:

* STAY FOCUSED emoticon -- On how you will look and feel when you reach your goal weight. Keep that final picture in mind, always.

* STAY DETERMINED emoticon -- And do not allow minor setbacks derail you from your journey. It is the long run we're interested in, not the short haul.

* STAY POSITIVE emoticon -- And always believe in yourself you CAN do this. Never doubt yourself.

* AIM FOR STEADY, CONSISTENT PROGRESS emoticon -- Of one pound at a time. Regular, small successes builds our confidence, revs up our motivation and are easier to visualize than a large amount of weight, in my case 64 pounds that I want to lose.

* USE WEIGHT SUBSTITUTIONS -- I use 16 pound bowling balls emoticon because I am a bowler and know how heavy those are. Plus, when I lose 4 pounds I know I have lost 1/4 of a bowling ball, 8 pounds is 1/2 and so on. Very easy to picture. You might use the weight of sacks of potatoes or 20 pound bags of dog food emoticon or 20 pound boxes of kitty litter emoticon. But find some way to translate your desired weight loss into everyday items so when you think of or see those items you will constantly be reminded of your goal emoticon.

* DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN EMOTIONAL EATING -- Clean house for 15 minutes emoticon, walk outside emoticon, shovel snow or rake leaves, dance to music emoticon or do other exercise such as jumping jacks emoticon, push ups emoticon, crunches, SOMETHING, for 15 or 20 minutes. This will usually be enough time to get past the feeling of hunger that is not true hunger but a result of feeling sad emoticon or guilty.

* CUT PORTIONS IN HALF -- Eat 1/2 of a sandwich emoticon instead of a whole one, for example, and add some fruit emoticon or veggies emoticon and water emoticon with it instead of chips or cookies. Later, if you're still hungry, have the other half. Many times you won't want it. Remember, it takes about 20 minutes for our stomachs to know they're full. At restaurants, ask for a take-out box right away and put half the meal in it to take home.

* DO NOT DEPRIVE YOURSELF -- Of sodas emoticon (diet preferred), sweets, gravy, etc., but use them judiciously. When we try to completely ban something from our lives, we tend to focus more on that item and end up wanting it more than if we had it now and then.

* EAT SLOWLY -- And be mindful of every bite. Don't eat without concentrating on what is eaten. Savor the taste and chew thoroughly. This also helps fill up that 20 minutes until our stomachs knows they are full emoticon. Eating while using the computer emoticon, watching TV or talking to someone tends to make us eat faster and eat more. Still have a conversation for example but also be aware of each mouthful. I make a game of seeing how many bites I can take of half a sandwich or whatever else I'm eating emoticon.

* TRACK EVERYTHING YOU EAT! -- This is the only way to know how much you are eating. If you need to guess, be conservative and guess on the high side, but account for everything you eat and stay within your calorie range.

* BE THANKFUL -- And proud of what you have accomplished, for every loss, no matter how big or small.

These all work for me. I still have slightly more than 23 pounds to lose to get to my initial goal but I do not doubt at all I will get there, one pound at a time.

And, if I can, so can you! May you have the best of success.

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