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Things Just Don't Go As Planned

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Well I don't even know where to start. You know I had just got started back to Sparking with my food tracking and exercise plans. Well that was short lived, as I got sick and I mean real sick. It started out as a sinus infection and than worked it way into a full blown bronchitis infection. I mean this thing totally wiped me off of my feet. Well anyway lets just say that I am still kicking this thing, I do feel a whole lot better but still not 100% yet.

I haven't been back to the pool in over a week and I haven't done any exercises at all at this time. Unless you count finally doing some laundry yesterday and making the bed and sweeping and picking up and cleaning up the bathroom. I would like to say that I felt much better after that, not so. I was totally exhausted after the cleaning and today I get up and feel really bad again. I can hear better and my voice is starting to finally come back within the normal range again. My nose isn't still running off of my face and my head no longer feels like it weighs 800 lbs. but it is still a little touch when I bend over and come back up. I didn't get dress today as I didn't sleep to well last night with all the coughing my husband said I was doing and it had be up several times during the night. But today I have hardly cough at all and that is great now if it will just stay that away tonight.

Okay, here comes the part about my tracking, yes I did track every single day and I was truthful about it. Now here is the bad part, out of the last 8 days I have been over on my calorie range 5 days, yes you read right FIVE. So you know what that means with no exercise either I am more than likely looking at a gain. I have to get myself back together here and start off this coming week with working harder at staying within my calorie range and getting back to the pool no matter how cold or snowy it is even if I do have to drive all the way across town. I would like to say that I am headed to the pool on Monday morning but I can't, no don't jump to yell to soon here. I have a dentist appointment for them to start putting the fillings in those 3 root canals I had done the past several months. My mouth has finally calmed down now so they want to finish all the fillings and get this project that we have been working on since the end of October done and I do too. But come first thing Wednesday morning I will be back in that pool at 9:00am and staying until 11:30am. I will make myself stay within my calorie range if I have to thrown everything out of my kitchen to do so and that may even include my husband as well. He has not helped at all with keeping me on the right path. (Bringing McDonalds & pizza home.) Saying that I needed to keep up my strength to get better or go to the doctor. I know, I know what you are thinking, he didn't force feed me, he didn't shove it down my throat. It was all me, I am the one who put it in my mouth and ate it and keep telling myself that it was to help me get better and make my husband happy.

I just hope that what ever I had and am still fighting doesn't ever come my way again. I don't like being out of control of how I feel and I don't like feeling guilty and FAT........

So here is to Monday and to better weeks ahead. I AM going to exercise regularly and stay within my calorie range and I AM going to lose this weight before I go on vacation with my family on June 22.

We are all to have a great week and stay strong and keep on SPARKING!!!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You're so strong to keep tracking while so sick. Regarding the poor food coming into the house, are you making excuses for your hubby--there is healthy food out there that can be brought home. It'll be tough for both of you if he is an enabler. I'm hoping that it's just a matter of your needing to educate him about the foods that are off limits for you.

    Clearly you've been very sick... come back slowly to prevent relapse. As you know, lung infections hang on for a long time. Take it slow.

    I wish you the very best... be gentle with yourself! emoticon emoticon
    3680 days ago
    It's all about keeping on keeping on..when the set-backs come (and they always do) don't ever stop starting...that's how I lost over 100lbs..sending good positve energy your way for next week!! emoticon
    3680 days ago
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