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Monday, February 07, 2011

Is the journey taken in this world leading to a place?
A place of peace and quiet, a place of solitude..
Where oh where might this place be that it can be
found and the feeling to be free.

As you go on in this world, looking forward to the
future and what it might be.
Try not to let mistakes hold you down, learn from them
and move on.

Do not be discouraged, instead meet it as a challenge.
Learning things that are new every day.
Listen to others and what they say.
Pearls of wisdom may be dropped that day.

Who you are and who you will become, is up
to you, as each day is begun.
As long as you are true to the strength within your
heart, you can find this is the place to start.

Believe in your heart, for it offers hope.
Believe in your soul, for it offers strength.
Believe in your mind, for it offers direction.
Believe in yourself, you will find the place to be.

by:paula strasburg

love and hugs..........................

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