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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I thought school was over with when I graduated.
I learned all there was to learn, so I thought.
Then it all began, lessons in life.

School is never over, only the seat you
once occupied.
The recess bell.
The days lunch special.
Homework every night.

You have graduated to a higher learning.
Lessons in life, lets call it.
A job, starting a new family, going on a diet.
All a new learning experience.

What kind of a score would you give yourself
at the end of the day.
e=excellent day
f=fair day
b=beautiful day
j=joy in my heart
l=lessons learned
p=positive day
s=special day
t=teriffic day
w=wonderful day

we never stop learning, school is never out,
we are still growing up learning what life is about.

by:paula strasburg

God Bless You:)
w=wonderful day
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