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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Well, it has been a really long time since I sat down to blog. Since I had more time today I thought I would take a break from work and write.
Regarding our business:
January is always very slow, this year was no different, however, it was a little more stressful as my 2 mid January shows have both been moved to late jan or march, so we struggled. As I pay the bills, it was pretty stressful. The good news is that the show season has started, busy and a fun time of year for me. We are also getting some customers stopping by the winery too, generally, walk in traffic does not pick up until March, so this is good news. And thirdly, my wholesale sales are starting to move a little earlier than usual too. I am making 3 deliveries in the next week to grocery stores/wine shops. Glad the slow season is finishing early this year.

My DH is preparing for surgery on his foot. He has 2 bone spurs causing a lot of pain. In addition he has some issues with his achilles tendon. We are figuring out the details of his time off from work, etc. In addition, his car is a standard transmission, so even when he can drive, we will have to figure this out too. Apparently, he will be in a cast and no weight for 6-8 weeks, then beginning to allow some weight for a period of time. Overall, a 6 month recovery program or maybe a year for heavy stuff.

My nose bleeds continue on an occasional basis. I am working on using the techniques they have offered to control them. Also going to the allergy clinic next month. We shall see if they have any solutions to my allergy symptoms.

Eating: well, with the start of our festival season, I have unique challenges for my eating options. I am usually in a convention center hallway for 10-12 hours, no access to cooking and fridge. So, planning food that I can take and eat on the fly is necessary. Because I am there for so long, "snacking" really does not fill me up. Occasionally, there are on program options there (like the homemade sausage guy), so I am good. Last weekend, I thought I had things worked out: scallops (they ended up with a sauce, but overall were the best option), crab cocktail(turned out this vendor was not there this year, and the only crab by itself had to be cracked and I did not really have time), pan fried oysters (found out this vendor uses white flour)...So, my great plans were only partially successful. I worked to eat the best I could, drank a lot of water and will continue to fight that battle as I see what I can bring to my shows and what food is offered there. Most of them are seafood festivals so there is usually seafood available. The catch is whether or not they are in carby foods or something.

I am right now trying to stay in the 25-40 gms of carb range. I am comfortable there most days, and in the past month, I have lost about 5 lbs and almost 1.5 inches overall even with the struggles at the events. So, it appears that this is an okay level for me to sit at comfortably for awhile on OWL. Still struggling to drink enough water. Some days I get in 8 others I dont.

I am very thankful for the successes I have seen in following my LC program. It has truly been the easiest "weight loss diet" (seeing it as a life style, not diet per say) I have tried. My insulin resistance apparently is responding to this program well and my blood sugar crashes have not been an issue since I started. Funny how eating the way my body needs instead of the low fat program has fixed my swelling, sugar crashes, inability to lose weight, and difficulty maintaining a program due to severe hunger.

My first milestone goal is on the horizon, 25# loss. I am about 9# away. Thinking about the reward (see previous blog), I have decided that it is unlikely that I will be able to get the love seat, still out of our budget. But, the other 3 options are still viable. and doable.
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    Hi Jo...I have been interrupted 3 times today trying to finish your blog and send u congrats on the weight loss. Finally at 9:30 I finish. what is so wonderful is your thought process. You are thinking!!! planning!!!! You know u have obstacles but you are making the best choices you can. I like the little cooler idea, hard boiled eggs don't take up much room. At least if you could bring one meal then do the best for the other meal.
    I'm glad your SLOW January is over. On to spring and bigger and better wine sales.
    I am proud of us for sticking to this change in eating. It is slow but I am satisfied hunger wise, cravings are manageable and I feel better
    Way happy to hear of your loss, take care....and hope surgery goes smoothly for Vern
    3670 days ago
    Eating at festivals and some other kinds of events can certainly be a challenge. How about taking a cooler containing some healthy foods with you? Then, if there isn't any healthy food available at the festival, you won't have to compromise .
    3670 days ago
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