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Week 1 - In and Done...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I started the new Spark Running program last week, and today I finished day 3.

This program is giving me some serious love....it is right what I needed at exactly the right time.....the program I chose to follow had as it's week 1:

Day 1: walk 1 minute/run 3 for 32 minutes
Day 2: repeat day 1
Day 3: walk 1/run 3 for 36 minutes

All three days I was able to get at least a 5K in --- and today - day 3, and 36 minutes, I got 3.5 miles....which puts me at a 10:20 pace/mile, including the walking.

Week 2 will increase the run time to 4 minutes, and I can' wait.

I am feeling confident in my running - and I think it is the predertermined walk breaks....I don't break down psychologically - because I know that a break is coming.

I am doing well eating wise too after having 1 really bad day (Sunday) and 1 not so hot day (Monday).

I have eaten a ton of food, but not a ton of calories. I am saving that for dinner. Salad and Chicken Broccoli Alfredo (homemade, w/ low fat cream cheese and 1% milk instead of cream)....I haven't calculated the cals. yet - but I have a ton of them left....so I'm good.

I'll have a big salad too - so I don't eat as much pasta and sauce.

We were teased with a 55' day yesterday and today it's barely 30. I loved yesterday......not loving today.
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