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Insomia and the snoring husband

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I have had trouble sleeping for about 3 months steady. I get so tired I crash out by 9pm but I wake up very easily thoughout the night and generally am I woken up 6 - 7 times nightly for anywhere from 5 - 15 mintues each time. It really sucks. So I went to my Dr. and asked for something to help me fall asleep andn STAY asleep. We discussed options and he said he felt comfortable trying a non-addictive drug called doxepin. I agreed. I stressed to him that I do not want to take something EVERY DAY but only when I really know I need sleep and have the ability to sleep through the night and not have to get up super early.

So I tried this drug... for 5 days straight and it did not work, not even slightly. As a matter of fact when I was sleeping I was having the strangest dreams that I was disturbed to the point that I would fight falling back asleep. I can't say 100% that it was the drug, as I have suffered from nightmares all of my life. And they only got worse after my car accident. I guess it's all part of the PTSD that he "diagnosd" me with years ago. (I honeslty don't beleive I have PTSD, I know I went through a traumatic event, I have come to grips with what happened, I have found forgiveness and have moved on.. my life is mine alone and one event does not define me.)

So I called him (his office) on Tuesday and related that the medicine is not working and asked for something different. Again stressing that I just want something to help me 1 or 2 nights per week.

The reality is, I have a soon to be 5 year old and a husband who can sleep (or at least pretend to) through a tornado. Unless I specifically kick him and ask that he get up with her anytime since she has been born. It's really quite infurating. So anyway, my desire is to get a full uninterrupted nights sleep once or twice a week. I would feel like a million.

So he calls me in another prescription Tuesday evening and I go to get it from the pharmacy and they make you have a "pharmacist consult" with any new medication THANK GOD! So the pharmacist is going over the dosing etc with me and then says, "I see you are not on any other medicine like this, is this a new problem?" to which I say, no the doxepin didn't work so e prescribed this. And then she was really confused since he prescribed me an "ANTICONVULSANT" for people with epilepsy. Ummmmmmmm.... I don't have nor have I ever had siezures. So I'm guess that was an incorrect prescription. She calls the Dr.'s office and they confirm that he is prescibing it as a trial sleep aid. Oh and I have to take it daily for 30 days to try out before he would change the prescription.

I've decided I would almost rather find a "shady" source and get a freeking tranquelizer to take once a week. UGH I'm just so frustrated.

I hate taking meds I don't really need and I think he is messing with me.
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    I would suggest that you find a new doctor if that is an option for you. Have you ever tried taking Tylenol PM? MY DH snores very loudly some nights and I have found that this helps me get to sleep without feeling groggy the next day or having any strange dreams.
    3709 days ago
    Yeah right! So frustrating. His whole (the Dr's) thing is that he wants to stick with Anti-Addictive drugs. Ambien and Lunesta are both addictive... but here's my beef.... I have been on a running prescription of Vicodin or Oxycodone for the past 10 years... 20 of each drug last me 12 -14 months between refils. Seriously... I don't take anything I don't need and when I really say I need something I really freeking need it. Oh well... thanks for stopping by the blog!
    3716 days ago
    I vote you call the doctor and go off on him! THat or find a doctor that is not going to jerk you around. HOW FRUSTRATING!! Thank God you had to have the consult or you would never know
    3716 days ago
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