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#459: So Very Tired

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lately, I have read many blogs and status updates from people who say they are tired. This is something that hits me from time to time, like this past week when all I had energy for was to rake a bag of leaves or put the trash out. The rest of the time I have simply wanted to sleep.

Oh, I've gotten in time here on SP and on Facebook and LinkedIn, and I have made progress on getting my tax papers in order and a book edit that is due soon, but find I can only do these things in spurts of a couple of hours or so, then I need to head to bed, sometimes reading for a bit, sometimes not, before falling asleep.

Tomorrow I may have an excess of energy, work in the yard, sort and de-clutter boxes of things in the house, edit and be on fire, getting many things done and feeling good for having done so. Then again, maybe not.

I know the theorem that states that a body at rest tends to stay at rest while a body in motion tends to stay in motion, but knowing that and finding the energy to get going are two different things. Could this be from boredom? I don't know.

What I do know is that despite being so tired, I remain positive about my weight loss and strive to continue encourage and lift up others. I continue to mull over the remaining plot of the mystery I'm writing and stay on top of emails, reading blogs, huddling every day with all my teams and monitoring the teams I co-lead. But overall I feel as if I'm wasting the time that has been entrusted to me every day.

On Monday I see my primary care nurse practitioner and will ask her about this but I wonder why it hits for so long and so often recently.

Have you had bouts of fatigue like this? If so, how did you overcome them?
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  • SPRING1973
    I get that on occasion, usually seems to relate to my thyroid combined with sleep pattern. I'm on meds for thyroid, but if I throw off my sleep, I think it has an impact on how well I absorb/use the meds... hope it went well.
    3651 days ago
    OK, Lou! Somehow, I overlooked this blog and am just now reading it! I wonder what the nurse pract. said and if there was an underlying cause.... I know I need sleep and if I don't get it, it can get out of control to not being ABLE to sleep for being overtired! Vicious cycle! emoticon I finally weened myself OFF of Ambien, and don't think I ever want to take that stuff again as it really is addicting! I think I sleep better now without it than when I took it!

    I hope your mystery gets finished by the deadline! How exciting! emoticon emoticon
    3652 days ago
    Hi Lou, I battle fatigue daily. I deal with it in every way I can. I also watch Dr. Oz and I take notes when I watch it. He is always giving tips and advice on exactly this subject. Are you a fan?
    3653 days ago
  • SPARKIE1964
    I am with you on feeling tired Lou...I'm wondering if the winter blues is affecting my energy level and can't wait for the warmth of spring which is around the corner!
    3653 days ago
    I understand where you are coming from. I have changed my diet to plant based which I feel is helping me to feel better physically, but boy am I fatigued by bedtime. When I was putting in 2 to 3 hours a day of exercise, I felt like I had more energy, but in my "job" right now, I get very little aerobic or strength training time in. Like you I get 10 minutes or if I am lucky...15 minutes to work on my projects before I am pulled away by other distractions.

    I wish you well and pray that you can get it figured out. You are a blessing to all of us on SP who read your blog and hear good things from you.

    3654 days ago
  • BOVEY63
    I have had those bouts lately too - I'm chalking it up to spring fever. This winter just seems to be going on and on.

    Here's to some "spring" in our steps.
    3655 days ago
    Hope you feel better soon. I get tired to sometimes but I try to get enough sleep at night.Also make sure to drink your water so that you not dehydrated.

    3655 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    I hope your visit w/ the nurse practitioner brings you some answers. I'd be interested to hear what you find out. One thing I admire about you is that you remain so positive and make it a priority to uplift and encourage your friends each and every day. Thank you for being that positive outlet in my life. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3655 days ago

    I have not had fatigue like you describe. I hope the nurse practitioner has an answer for you today. Perhaps your thyroid is slowing down? Do you sleep well at night? I was recently tested for sleep apnea, but fortunately don't have it. I just need to get to bed earlier! I will hold you in prayer that you are feeling spunky soon!
    3655 days ago
    Sorry to hear that the dreaded fatigue has hit you as well! Be interested to see what your Nurse has to say. I have learnt to go with the flow! If tired sleep, if feeling energetic get moving! It is frustrating when you have a list of chores that need doing! hope you feel more energetic soon!
    3655 days ago
    I have been the same way for weeks! I slept all afternoon and had so many things to do, seeing as I was out all yesterday afternoon. I got home around 5 pm on Saturday and couldn't keep my eyes open. It's terrible. During the week I work 9 hrs M-T and 4 hrs on Friday. I am so tired by 5 pm when I get off work, that I can't even think clearly anymore. I can't tell you any solutions I've found, but if you figure it out, let me know. I would be interested to hear what the Nurse has to say.

    3655 days ago
    Hope you get better soon.
    3655 days ago
    Are you still battling insomnia, Lou? That could certainly cause fatigue. Any new meds you're taking? Some can wear you flat out. I'm glad you will be able to ask your doctor. Praying you find that energy fount again soon!
    3655 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    So, it's now Sunday. How are you doing with the plans you had made for today? Are you a 'body @ rest?' or a 'body in motion?'

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    3656 days ago
    Boredom? Maybe. Light depression? Maybe. Vitamin deficiency/ies? Maybe.
    Been there at different times on all three counts.
    Glad you're getting a good checkup.
    Take care of yourself.
    3656 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6400103
    Hi Lou,

    I can relate, i have this as well.And mostly its because i go to bed to late even if i sleep my 8 hours. It doesnt mean i am rested the next morning. I am more energetic when i sleep from 10-6 than from 12-8, its the same amount of hours but it still does something to me to go to bed at midnight.

    I was very tired in January and the first half of february.

    I hope that your care nurse practitioner knows what it is, let us know ok?
    3656 days ago
    Oh my friend I had this also but it was depression. My dark hole. I'm out now but please talk to your nurse about this. For me it comes about this time of season. I'm ready for spring and I want and need fresh air. The weather has been so nice that i've taken to walks during my lunch and when i'm off in the afternoons. That has helped considerably. Feel better soon my friend. Even this is to be taken one day at a time.
    3656 days ago
    I can't wait for spring to get around that corner. I suffer from SAD and think that is part of the reason I am so tired along with being anemic and low Vitamin D due to Celiac Disease. Still have lots to do, so just smile and get it done!!!
    WAY TO GO on keeping it positive. Maybe you suffer from SAD too. Can't wait for lots more sun and longer daylight hours. Let us know what your primary care nurse practitioner has to say.
    Have a wonderful Sunday...
    3656 days ago
    I did ~ but then found I was B12 deficient. Now I get weekly injections and will soon be just once a month. It helped me.... I don't have the energy I'd like ~ my to do list always seems longer than my "ta done" list!!!

    Check Dr. oz site he did a segment on energy a 7 day plan Thursday or Friday, some great suggestions there!
    3656 days ago
  • CAROLINE1000
    I do. Yesterday, in fact, I blogged about it. I wish I knew more about why and when. It seems to be, for me anyway, a combination. Big emotional spikes make me tired. Darkness. Revelations. Heck, weight loss makes me tired (on the nights when I don't bolt out of bed at 2am).

    I have learned a fun little lifehack for when I am completely exhausted and need to be "on" and smart in an hour. I drink a cup of coffee, get under the covers and fall asleep for 20 minutes. Unlike a usual nap (which usually just makes me feel more tired) I wake up bright, smart, and raring to go.

    Hope that helps! Keep it up. You're not wasting my time.
    3656 days ago
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