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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I've been on SP for about a month now. I haven't lost any weight lately ( the last week or two) but i hadn't been following the diet closely either and haven't been exercising except for a few measley sit-ups here and there.
I sat down last night to sum up things and see what had actually happened for me weight-loss wise this month. The results were the following:
I lost 6 lbs the first week and stuck closely to the diet. I was STARVING though and so uped my cal allowance to 1800 and kept loosing, 8 lbs at 1 1/2 wks and then 10lbs by the end of 2 1/2wks. this rapid of a pace was pretty exciting for me but I reallized the loss had slowed as it took a whole week to get 2 more lbs off after the initial 6. so I tried being more strict but realizing I could still loose some and eat more I was actually more lenient started snacking on chocolate, candy, etc. This resulted in gaining back the 2lbs I lost in the beginning of week three by the end of week three. So I find myself in week 4 with a 9lb. loss total. That sounds pretty good for 1 month; and it is! except that it was all lost in the first 2 1/2 wks.
I "gave up' for 3-4 days, didn't track my food and was kinda just enjoying the loss I had acheived. PROBLEM as this caused me to gain back 2 lbs. I thought this was water weight at first as I was feeling bloated, but I started tracking food again and only one pound dropped off...this means if i have to work to loose it, that it was a real gain. Such a bummer!
So the question is now: What to do?
I still would like to loose 20 more lbs. I am happy i lost 10 already (technically 9) I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes...it seems it was really easy actually. So, why do i have a hard time buckling-down and getting serious about the next step?
+Maybe cause I've never succeeded from this point.
+Maybe because in some ways I feel deprived (hunger) and I want a 'break' from that.
+maybe because I think NOW it will require hard work (excercise) and i don't want to have to work hard for it
+Because I want fast solutions, one month, okay but 3 months??
+and what if i get pregnant again?

so to answer myself. I'm pretty sure i can eat 1800/day, not feel "deprived" and still loose wieght.
it does mean controlling the 3-5 "snack monster"... i can easily consume a meals-worth of calories (or more) durring this period of the day. aNd if i force myself to stop before my stomach feels satisfied i feel 'deprived'...even if the snacking is healthy (i.e. fruits only; plain yogurt) I still eat a ton: 3-4 fruits. and when it's less than healthy, well, even more. EXCEPT when i'm on a diet...but then i feel hungry and one day or another...I give in!
Well I'm going to be looking at this and trying to find a solution for myself.
My husband has noticed the results of the first month and complimenting me on it so that is VERY motivating to continue...but still it seems i'm in front of a hurdle (though it may just be in my mind) and i'm not sure if i WANT to jump it.
I do know that while I am satisfied with my progress; i am not satisfied with where i'm at...
First the jelly belly; then, i still haven't managed to give myself new eating HABITS!
I think my resolution for today is to set my calorie plan at 1500-1800 and eat it consistentely for 1 week and see what that gives...maybe if i'm eating more at meal times i won't be as hungry and i'll see whether or not I loose anything at this level.
I might exercise some too as I noticed it seemed to be helping my lower back pain...that's more motivating than the weight loss. We'll see if i'm here writing about it...that's already a step in the right direction; a step toward success.
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