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Emotional Eating - Again

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I've noticed lately that while I've been doing fairly well on the SparkPeople nutrition tracking and exercise tracking, I seem to have ONE day a week where I've really messed up. Just flat out overate and didn't exercise. This has happened over the last 2 weeks.

It happened last Sunday after having a really great preceding week. When I try to think back on what happened, it seems like a blur. I had been doing fine until the evening and then I started thinking & worrying about my son and his medical problems. I became very anxious and started to eat everything in the house. I couldn't seem to stop even though my stomach hurt. .... I gained back all the weight I had lost the previous week.

When I look back at all of the wasted time and effort that I "threw" away, I don't understand it. Logically, eating everything clearly didn't help my son. So I'm trying to make a plan on what I'll do when or if that horrible anxious feeling comes back.

For me, the best thing I could do is take my puppy for a walk. It was fairly late at night, but my neighborhood is safe. The other thing could do is hop on my treadmill for a walk. Finally, I should have just left the kitchen area maybe with some hot tea which relaxes me.

Now I know I could have done any of these things, but I didn't. So this will be a new Spark Streak that I will need to work on till it becomes a habit. I have proved I can exercise and I can eat healthy. Now I have to be able to control myself when I try to resolve my anxiety by eating too much. I know I can do this emoticon
I have to do this! Life is too short to be sabotaging myself !
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    Sometimes it works best for me to just get away from temptation. Last night after supper, I was sitting in my kitchen watching Biggest Loser which I had DVR'd (but only on the kitchen TV). I just kept thinking of what else I could eat as I sat at the table watching TV. I didn't need anything else to eat, I had a nice chicken stir fry for supper along with a 40-calorie cauliflower with cheese sauce single serving, yet since I was in the kitchen, I kept thinking, maybe a pudding cup, or a Vitalicious muffin, or a pickle. Pickles are a good low cal snack (only 5 calories for s pear), but are so loaded with salt, if I eat very many, I don't lose the weight I should. Finally I decided I could watch Biggest Loser another day when I didn't have the munchies. I got up and went into the family room, which is just a few steps away from the kitchen but far enough away that I wasn't tempted so much. Plus I keep my fingers busy in there with my counted cross stitch projects.

    It would have been smart to get up and walk the dog to keep from snacking. Do anything to get your mind off of eating! Just remember you have the control, it is all up to you. How strong are you? Are you stronger than the munchies? I think so! I know how frustrating it is when a moment of weakness messes up a whole week of being good. That thought alone will usually stop me from bad behavior, because I hate to work so hard and then have nothing to show for it. I know you'll get back on track, you have the determination!
    3243 days ago
    I do the same thing then wonder why I would do that. It's gotta be something emotional. I sometimes think I "talk" myself into eating poorly because I "missed out" on some of that tasty unhealthy food the week before. So interesting that we are such smart people and yet let ourselves be tricked or sabotaged like that. I love your plan! I know it'll be a challenge but will work for you. Sorry your son's medical issues are such a concern. Wish I had a magic wand to zap them away!

    Thinking of you,
    3243 days ago
  • JILL313
    I sure can relate to what you are saying as I'm also an emotional eater--eat when stressed, happy, sad, etc. I've learned that I'd better plan ahead and have plenty of low cal healthy snacks around and have a good plan as to what to do when I want to revert to my old habit of emotionally eating. It does sound like you already have a great plan of doing some healthy exercise while stressed. I'll be praying that your son's health improves. Stay strong and think positive as that is half the battle for me.
    3245 days ago
    I completely understand how you feel. I have done this to myself many times and I wish I understood why. But just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and forgive yourself. At least it was only one day - don't let it become two, then three... Really try to keep a positive attitude it can help pick yourself up. emoticon
    3245 days ago
  • HOLLY404040
    I have been loosing and finding the same pound for a few weeks. When I find myself in the kitchen staring at something, you right about the exercise or other distractions but it can be hard. I often have to ask myself why. The thing that helps me the most is not to bring it home. I will not go out to get it.
    3245 days ago
    Sounds like you have a good game plan. You know you can exercise and eat right. And, if your neighborhood is safe sounds like taking the puppy for a walk would be good for both of you. Have a joy filled day, Karen
    3245 days ago
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