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It's starting to get a little scary.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Whew. I. am. struggling.

I've had two major, unplanned pig-outs this week. I've been so HUNGRY!

Honestly, I'm scared. I'm at that point I always get to in my weight loss where my body decides to go into lock-down because it's afraid I'm going to starve it to death. An insatiable, unstoppable hunger kicks in, and I am powerless to resist. (I'm not trying to be dramatic. I honestly cannot stop myself from eating when I get this kind of hunger. Believe me. I've tried.).

I'm hoping these past few days have been due to PMS. I often experience insane hunger around that time, and if that's the case, I know I will get back to normal. At this point, I'm optimistic that that is the reason for my pig-outs. I had one on Saturday, a normal day Sunday (which is why I'm optimistic), and another one yesterday. So, there is still hope.

Does anyone else have experience with this type of thing? Where each time you get close to your goal you body goes INSANE with hunger? This is the reason I have yo-yo dieted 20 lbs. back and forth over the years. I don't *ever* give-up. I just get to the point that I can't stand the hunger anymore.

I'm not experiencing cravings (though I have those too on occasion). There's nothing specific I want, and I tend to binge on things that are fairly healthy/nutritious. My main goal during the pig-outs is just to stop feeling so hungry!

I feel like my body is *really* resisting change and working against me. My last weigh in (after all these months of doing so well), showed a gain despite sticking to my program.

I'm frustrated. I've resigned myself to the fact that I may not lose any more (at least not right now), but I certainly don't want to do any gaining.

Has anyone else out there had similar yo-yo gaining experience like this? How did you overcome it?
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    Maybe you are starving yourself and the body is seeking to preserve calories.

    You have to maintain a eating pattern.

    Not knowing all of your specifics, I'll just use some norms.

    A woman needs about 1800-2000 calories a day. Maybe even a little more. How low are you taking your calories? If you are going below say 1600...maybe 1500, you are going to fast. Remember, this isn't a race we are in. Up your food intake slightly. Remember to snack. Something healthy...say an apple, those work for me.

    Are you trying to lean up while losing weight? You need to think about building more muscle mass. Start a weight lifting program. Nothing boosts metabolism and burns fat like a few extra lbs of muscle. Weights is also a great way to work on specific areas of concern...arms, legs, butt, chest, tummy. Target your areas, add a little more muscle and watch the fat start to drop.

    For a while you may not see the weight drop. That's happening to me now. I have been "stuck" at 194 lbs for a while now yet people keep telling me I am losing weight. What I am doing is dropping fat and adding muscle since I have been pretty regular at hitting the weights 3-4 days a week since the first of the year. I am already seeing a difference, and apparently, so are others...whoo hoo

    Once this questionable weather finally clears and the regular walking kicks back in, I will lose the rest of the blubber I seek to lose.

    You can do this!

    Ahhh...soon the good tomato's will be showing up at Linda's, then we have it made!!
    3695 days ago
    i have the same problem. I noticed that my insatiable hunger usually comes after I increase the intensity of my workouts for a week or so. I don't know if I need to increase my food at this time also.

    I hate increasing my food because I need to lose the weight, but this is also keeping me yoyoing. After eating more food I then turn to junk food, ugh! and then I don't want to work out because I have become sluggish. I'm doing good now, so I'm listening to the comments given to you. I hate this vicious cycle.
    3696 days ago
  • KA_JUN
    I don't yo-yo, but I would ask how your protein intake is going? I find that if I'm not getting enough protein or eating enough whole grain, weird stuff starts happening (e.g. the ravenous stuff).
    3696 days ago
    i agree with reeku731.

    when i get ravenously hungry its normally when im not drinking enough water and im not getting enough snacks in. i try to eat something every 2 - 3 hrs when it comes to snacks.

    so for example, i would have a apple, banana and a granola bar for snacks through out the day. my banana would be my mid morning snack and an hr later i would eat lunch. then i would wait about 3 hrs and i would eat my apple... then i would wait an 1.5 hrs and i would eat my gronal bar. then i would wait another 2.5 hrs for dinner time. this might help you or it might not!

    im not sure if your are having snacks between meals or not. as most posters have said its a good idea to share with us what your are eating.

    hang in there. we are here to help!
    3696 days ago
  • KATELOSS2009
    HUGE +1 to what Reeku said - post up what you're eating, and we can help. oftentimes, if I'm getting too many carbs (for me, more than 120/day) and not enough fat, I get HUNGRY. my body needs the fat. I also have to temper my 1400 calories/day days with a 1800 calories/day day here and there... scheduled "binges" help my body stay feeling ok...

    and yes, I go through the swings, too, so take the pressure of being "insane" and know that you're "normal, swing hungry."

    3696 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5602455
    Hey hon - I can definitely help you with this and there might be a few things that are causing this to happen. When a binge triggers it can be because of a few things - some emotional and some chemical. Before I can give you my professional advice, I have a few questions for you?

    How many calories are you eating daily for your weight loss (not counting the binges)? What do you typically tend to eat most of - proteins, fats, carbs (which can be breads, pastas, fruits or veggies)? How much fluids are you drinking daily (not just water)? Are you tracking all your food daily?

    When your body freaks out like this, most of the time its due to something its lacking and seeking to gain in the binge. Once I can figure out what this might be, I can give you advice on how to fix it - don't stress about it. This is something that everyone needs to overcome at some point. But there's something going wrong with your diet that's causing your body to flip out, and that's what we'll work on together if you want to!

    3696 days ago
    I think that our bodies just go through changes and try to adapt as best as can. Plateaus exist in all weight loss journeys. Sometimes we end up hungry, moody, tired, etc. It's all about just finding the right balance. Instead of focusing on the negative and stressing about it, think about the good things you are doing; the healthy foods you are making from scratch, the time you get to exercise, biking, kayaking, visiting awesome people around the USA (and in Memphis!). And before you know it, I bet you'll be through that plateau/change and back on track!

    (PS: Can't wait to see you!)
    3696 days ago
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