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Strange Things Can Happen

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I was brought up in a non religious home. I really don't know if my mother believed in God, as she died way too young, for me to even think of asking. Though I know my sister is and our father was an ethicises.

When I was 35 I had a heart attack. I was put on life support for two months in a comatose state. I did have the most incredible experience. First I felt like I was flying backwards in a spiral motion. When the motion stopped, music so tremendous, it seem to come streaming into my whole being. Then before me was this brilliant light. I recalled seeing a man with a flowing gown, long chestnut brown shoulder length hair, the man had his arms out stretched to me. It seemed he was beckoning me to come forward, into the light. I knew a little about God, as I did go to sunday school once or twice, with a friend, when I was kid. In a silent moment I trembled and thought, is this God? I began to tremble with fear of death, towards the brilliant light. Then all went black, as pitch black as I could not see. I stayed there for how long I don't know, suddenly I cried out "if this is hell, I don't want to be here anymore.

The next thing I remember, my sister was talking to me. Asking me to sign my widow's cheque so she could deposit it into my bank account. I looked at her and began to laugh and replied " I would if I could remember who I was or what my name is." She told me my name but I could not remember how to spell or write. I remember scribbling on the back of the cheque. The bank okayed it, strange things can happen!

I remained in the hospital for several weeks. When my sister came to pick me up. She told me, my doctor told her, that I may have permanent memory loss or I will have temporary amnesia. This really scared me.

I practiced printing the alphabet everyday, then I started slowly to remember how to write. When my writing was eligible to read, I took my grade 12 over again at night school. I passed grade 12 the second time around with higher marks than when I was 17 years old. This proved to me, that I was back to normal. When I turned 50 I had saved enough money, to enter university.

Today I don't follow any man made religion by going to some man made church but I do believe in God and Christianity. I think I was given a second chance to believe in him, which I truly do.

So dear cyber friends, now you know why I have to edit alot of what I type!
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    I'm so glad you are okay and had such tremendous personal growth! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3416 days ago
    No two people believe the same even if they go to same church! That is what I've learned over the years.
    That is a really amazing story. I'm glad you are here to share it with us! Rhonda
    3440 days ago
    SIRIRADHA ~ Thank-you for reading my blog today! I do agree with your outlook on religious beliefs.

    JZAPRN ~ Thank you for reading my blog today!

    BUTEAFUL ~ Thank-you for reading my blog today!

    MCJULIEO ~ Thank-you for reading my blog today! My daughter gave me a bible and a reference book to the bible. I do go to church at Christmas and Easter.
    3445 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/9/2011 1:44:49 PM
    WOW I'm speachless
    3445 days ago
    Thank you for sharing that truly amazing experience! I'm not about to tell you how to express your spirituality, but I can say that inside every human ever born is a bit of her creator and as long as you stay in touch and honor that part of yourself you'll be doing what you were truly meant to do. I am grateful every time I read or hear a story that attests to that connection.

    3445 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your story, OKANOG.

    3445 days ago
    Okanog, I think that if you want to know God, you ought to read the Bible, the one book that He has kept together for millennia, in order for seekers to know more about Him.

    The documents that make up the Bible have startling reliability and credibility (they haven't changed, and there are ancient manuscripts to prove it). Modern Man and his activities to be religious will always be messed up, but God is perfect and He rewards those who seek Him.

    3445 days ago
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