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Day 21 – A picture of an exercise you can’t do, but would like to try

Thursday, March 10, 2011

(and then try it if you want to)

1.Start in mountain pose.
2.Crouch down, with your heels flat on the floor or a folded blanket.
3.Spread your knees wider than your hips, and move your arms in front of you.
4.Bend your arms slightly, and bring your upper arms against your shins.
5.Keep your lower body tucked against your arms as you rise up on the balls of your feet, moving your weight forward.
6.Round your back completely as you continue to rise on an exhale, bringing your lower body up off the floor.
7.You should continue to rise until your knees are resting against your upper arms, just below the shoulder, back arched, arms slightly bent.
Do not practice this pose if you are pregnant or have problems with carpal tunnel.

For more instructions on crow pose, visit Journal.

This is a challenging pose, but you can advance in levels by using props such as a block or bolster to support your lower body as you build strength in your arms. Remember, keep your back arched and your body tucked.

Straighten the arms. Extend one leg out, and hold for a minute. Change legs and repeat.

My record for holding this pose is about 15 seconds... I'd like to improve that, but just not right now.
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