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Deadslifts, Back Injuries and sexy chiropractors!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tuesday morning I did my usual PT weight session. During which Romanian or "stiff" deadlifts were part thereof. At rep number 13 of 15 with 55 pound dumbells, I must have twisted or something and I royally messed up my lower back. FORM IS SO IMPORTANT when doing those things.
Anyway, I wsn't going to let it damper my workout and so I continued on, slower and in pain, but I press on because, A. I'm too proud to give in to pain and B. I only had about 25 more minutes to go.
I finished my work out at 6 am, went home, and tried to get out of my car... RUT RO RELROY. Bad news.... the back was completely locked up. AWESOME. So I spent most of my day in my bed (it was my birthday by the way.... great way to celebrate) On Flexoral and Vicodin. Cringeing everytime I had to move. Wednesday came and I thought... I have to go to work.. UGH.... so I got up and got to work and took my heat-pad with me. I was talking to one of the other people who recommended a "new" chiropractor. So I gave him a call and he was able to get me right in. I knew this guy in high school... we even had a very, very brief romantic haitus back during my senior year. HEHEHE.
He's super sexy by the way. oh yeah... I totally ran home (well hobbled) to throw on some cute yoga pants, and did the "mock shower" thing! LOL I'm so goofy sometimes.

ANYWAY.... so I go and he is til increadibly sexy and at first I felt kind of awkward... Like... you've seen me naked in a completely different way than being a professional dr. but he was totally cool! He was so professional and kind and wonderful and he hooked me up to some electrode thingy after doing a complete thorough exam and history and getting all of my info and it was totally not WIERD... and the best news is.... HE MADE ME FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. He explained what I had done, where my injury is, what I did and how I did it. He cracked my back about 15 times after the 20 minutes of somewhat uncomfortable electic muscle stimulation then did a deep tissue "massage" if you will on the affected area with some kind of mentholated muscle rub. I left straight up right able to bend and twist and move and like seriously 85-90% better than when I walked in!
BUT WAIT THAT'S NOT THE BEST PART: He is having me go back Friday night so that he can fix me up with this stuff he called "Kenesio - tape" so I can do my Triathalon Sunday!!!!
I can totally still do it!!!

He is awesome!!
YAY! Oh yeah and he is still increadibly sexy!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    That's one CRAZY story! So happy that you were able to get some relief for your back, and your eyes as well! When I first started reading your blog, I was really feeling for you because I know those things can be quite miserable and can take some time to heal. Sounds like you found a miracle man!

    Can't wait to hear about your Triathalon!!!
    3695 days ago
  • BUDIES31771
    Ha ha, I know who you are talking about, oh man, he is a total hotty! Good to know that he does a good job, I have been looking for a new Chiro for awhile...
    3695 days ago
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