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#463: Random Thoughts About SP

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SparkPeople is valuable site for anyone who wants to lose weight and make new friends. In no particular order here are other random thoughts about SP. with which you may or may not agree:

* I am grateful this site is free to use and I do understand the need for ads, but some of them have been in questionable taste, such as the one for male sexual enhancement and the one for female incontinence that showed a woman's jean-clad crotch. I have to question the judgment of whomever chooses this type of ad.

* It's educational being able to read so many different articles on nutrition, fitness, motivation, well-being and various diseases and illnesses.

* It's nice having quizzes added that count for 10 points up to a daily max. of 50 but it's disappointing to learn the number of quizzes is limited so we can't get points after we've maxed out several days in a row.

* It's also nice we are now able to reset the A-Z Health topics. An improvement would be to award three points for each of the nine sections within each topic -- symptoms, when to see a doctor, etc.

* Why don't team leaders at least huddle with their teams every day and welcome new team members?

* If you post a profile picture and more than one person is in the picture, identify who is who.

* When you take pictures, it might be a good idea to make sure there is not a flash from a mirror, or dirty clothes on the floor or the toilet in the background, etc. Better than self-photos with a cell phone, have someone take one of you with appropriate background.

* Another thing to pay attention to is the color of the profile page and the color of letters chosen to use on that background. Some pages are so dark it's impossible to read what is being typed as a comment.

* If you answer a post, read the first post for what the poster asked.

* If you do answer a post, stick to the poster's topic. If you want to start your own topic, then do so in a separate post. And if a topic doesn't apply to you then don't answer. One topic asked about counting coffee and tea as part of daily water intake and one reply was, "I don't drink coffee." The topic didn't ask if you did so why even reply then?

* Check your teams for topics already posted before beginning a new one that is the same as an ongoing one. This just clogs up the message boards.

* Check spelling before posting, especially if you call yourself a writer. One hint: "loose" is what clothes become after we "lose" weight.

* I enjoy receiving and giving Goodies and am happy they are an option.

* I wonder how people can show 2,000 fitness minutes on the first day of the month. Are they really being honest with everyone and themselves?

* Status updates are fun to follow but don't get upset if we don't click we liked it. It might not appeal to us or make sense to us.

* I was told by a SP coach that it is not the number of people who read a blog that determines if it will be designated a "Popular Blog" but that it is based on the number of people who click they liked it. So, if you thought a blog was worthwhile then click you liked it.

* I wish there was a way to know when team members become inactive on the site. I've clicked a number of them on different teams and received a message that the member couldn't be found. But their picture remains on the team site.

* How is it that I get an email notification of a new team member, send that member a welcome team Goodie, but then when I try to access their page to write a personal comment am told by a message that the user can't be found? How can they be found to receive the team Goodie then?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • PSALM34V7
    I really liked your thoughts. I agree with a lot of them, especially the disappearing peoples report and the colors of some of the profile pages.
    3634 days ago
  • CHARMIN944
    I love your blogs. They are practical, well-written, and welcomed.
    3638 days ago
    Good thoughts Lou! Hope your doing well.....speaking of Team Leaders, if ours doesn't come back, we may never have a luncheon again. emoticon
    3638 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6400103
    hihihihihi.. love it!
    3638 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6035648
    I had to giggle at some of the things you mentioned.. I'm guilty of at least one (the one about the coffee)..Sometimes a topic doesn't quite apply to me, but if no one has responded to it and it's been posted for a few hours, I kind of feel bad for the person who posted that they didn't get a response..
    I never understood the 2000 fitness points in a day either.. There's only 1440 minutes in a day! I'd like to know where they got the extra 9 hours from.. Some days I need them! Lol..
    Good post!
    3638 days ago
    Wow, Lou... that's a lot of stuff! I'm really glad to know you can restart the quizzes... i didn't know that! emoticon

    I will have to be more careful when I take photos at MY house! With grandkids over, it's always lucky if I can get everything coordinated without the background exposing one thing or another! emoticon

    I kind of agree with the spelling... this site isn't a "writer's site", it's a site for all who want to lose weight and communicate with others about various things to do with it. I'm a stickler for grammar, usually, but not when it comes to friendly conversation...

    I've often wondered about others' huge fitness #'s, too. I guess that's why I give so little merit to the fitness team points... I just manage my own points and rarely notice what others' points are.

    I totally agree with you about the advertising choices... Why would SparkPeople want to advertise things like diet gimmicks, etc. (I've seen them!) when they speak out so strongly against them! And, I for one, do not appreciate sexual advertisements!

    SparkPeople has become a valuable tool for my weight loss journey, and I also appreciate it for the friends I've made! YOU included!
    3638 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    Good observations, Lou! I definitely agree about how leaders should at least huddle with their team each day. I've also wondered about the MPB posts and how they get to be MPB. I had heard that it was determined from the number of likes but wasn't convinced. I saw one once that was voted most popular and it was a short blog about how the writer had lost her loved one. There were over 600 comments on it and it was amazing the support she was receiving but I just couldn't imagine many people "liking" it.

    3639 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/15/2011 9:18:47 PM
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    Most are good points. I would have a problem with the spelling one as some people just don't spell well and as long as we get the idea, that is what counts. I would hate to see anyone stop posting because they are a poor speller.

    I also would not take the time to use a dictionary if I wanted to post to a lot of my friends pages. {just a thought}.

    The others are good ones.

    Thanks for the post and the reminder.
    3639 days ago
    Quizzes can be reset like Articles and, now, Health A-Z, all in the same place.
    3639 days ago
    None of these thoughts bother me. They are merely observations. -- Lou
    3639 days ago
    Interestingly, none of that bothers me one bit. But how does one get 2K fitness minutes in one day? Maybe they just enter them all at once. I don't think anyone would lie about it though. If they do lie, how sad is that? I say if they are that pathetic that they have to lie about fitness minutes, enjoy the lie! In fact, they should just go buy a pie to have with the lie, right? emoticon


    3639 days ago
    I agree...where are the quizzes located...?

    3639 days ago
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