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Big Day tomorrow

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well, tomorrow is the day that my husband has his angioplasty procedure at the hospital. If they do a stent (and I expect them to do it), then they will keep him overnight at the hospital. He is VERY nervous as I'm sure I would be as well. However,he knows he needs this because he has breathing problems and tires easily.

His lymphedema has worsened and he has an infection/wound in one leg. If we can ever get rid of some of his health problems, he would like to be more active. In fact, he was always been the active/athletic one so this is particularly hard for him to handle.

I'm telling him that he will be fine but is does make me nervous as well. We both hate hospitals as most people do. I will be there with him all day since the procedure starts at 7:30 AM. I plan to stay until the evening and then will return the next day to take him home if everything goes alright. If not, then I'll be there overnight as well.

The stress of his health problems have been weighing on me and my son who has his own medical problems as well. So I'll be glad when we get this over and everything is back to normal. It is amazing how much I cherish having a nice normal day again.

It is really true that your health is more important than money could ever be for a happy lifetime. So I'm very proud of all the Sparkpeople who are trying to lose weight and get healthy. It isn't easy but you don't want to miss out on enjoying your life due to health problems. Life is just too short for that!

Tomorrow will be a long day.
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