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Feeling better!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sciatica pain in hip/shoulder: A little better today, both the pain and the feeling of weakness.

Shoulder/arm pain: Still hurting! Had to take a pain pill for that, and will have to take another soon.

GP and GERD symptoms: Better today; slowly started to get back to my normal diet; well, normal for me anyway.

Positives for today:

Was able to do my half hour Tai Chi DVD.

Worked on my sewing project.

Got 2 blankets washed.

Walked over to get my mail today. The mail room is only about a minute walk from my house, but yesterday, I was hurting so much, and it was so cold out, I drove my car over to get the mail. Today the weather was warmer too! Filled 2 of my bird feeders which were empty while I was out today.
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