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Lunch out today, warmer and sunny weather

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I came to a standstill on my sewing project last night. The next step is sewing some bias tape to the neckline, and I am finding the pattern instructions for it confusing, so I am putting it on hold til my mom can help me with it.

I met some friends for lunch today. We went to a Chinese buffet restaurant. I had a hard time finding much I can eat with the gastroparesis, but I think I did ok. I took a very small serving of mac and cheese, some plain rice, a very small sliver of cake, and a bowl of egg drop soup. I didn't take any of the meat; it all seemed to be stuff that fried or swimming in grease, and with the gastroparesis, there are very few fruits and vegetables I can eat, and there weren't any of those there I could eat. But for me, it wasn't about the food, it was about spending the time with my friends.

It felt good to go out with my real hair and not a wig or hat; so much more comfortable! My friends all liked my new cut.

I shopped for a few groceries before coming home. I'm glad the weather was a little warmer today; I think it got up into the low 40's, and it was sunny.

I had a hard time getting up this morning, as I do most mornings since I've been on chemo. I felt better once I got up. I did ok with the fatigue til late in the afternoon, after I was home, then I was feeling pooped out again. I was glad to get out and enjoyed the time with my friends, but I was glad to get back home too.

Hip and knee weren't hurting much today, but that leg felt a bit weaker again today. My arm and shoulder pain didn't bother me much today until about an hour ago, and I took a pain pill as soon as that started hurting. So far just one pain pill today! Might need to take another at bedtime though.
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