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Day 3- Conquering Hurdles

Friday, April 01, 2011

Today's hurdle- a busy schedule and having to dine out. It was pay day and for us that means a trip over the hill- putting the check in the bank, shopping, paying bills, basically an all day outing that requires real planning in order to keep in line with the healthy routine I am trying to maintain. I got up early and had my usual oatmeal breakfast. Before leaving I made sure to put in some minutes on the Wii Fit Plus, have a small snack of a boiled egg and an orange, and left the house with a full water bottle.

Everywhere we went I parked as far as possible to get in a little extra walking and when it came to lunch, we went to Sizzler, where I was very conscientious of what I put on my plate off of the salad bar, mentally figuring that I ate around a 400 calorie lunch, which when I got home and put it all in, I was very very close.

After a can of soup and slice of toast with almond butter, I was well within my calorie range, and although I did not get an ideal amount of calories burned today from traditional workouts, it was a successful day for such a busy one. I even got the supplies I needed to get my early veggies started indoors like tomatoes and peppers.

The plan for tomorrow- another c25k session for some more miles and training, getting more information and signed up for the Dam Run 5k, and doing 30 min ST. And of course another day of controlled, healthy eating in my calorie range!
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