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Sunday, April 10, 2011

My weight loss ticker has always been in my head...what do I weigh now...how far is it from where I should be?

Then, when I joined Sparkpeople, I actually got to put one on my page- oh the joy! There were so many fun designs, so many icons to choose from. Would I have my ticker show my actual weight, or would it just show pounds lost? Depending on the weigh in, this is always subject to change! Setting it up was so fun- I got to pick the number where it ends- hmmm....how to decide where I want to go!

It was exciting...and scary...to post that ticker. There it was- my road- where I am now, and where I want to go. That finish line represents so many different things- and to each of us, it is completely different. Mine symbolizes success- that I could set out a plan, follow through, and meet my goal- SUCCESS!! It also symbolizes LOVE- that I have taken the energy to love myself in the midst of the craziness of everyday life.

That ticker has been a part of my week ever since I joined Spark. Sometimes I celebrate it and log on several times a day to look at it (YUP- I do!) and sometimes I curse at it...even if IT didn't eat those cookies! And when I have felt really stressed, I erased it- go away so I don't have to face you TOO!

When I started, the finish line was just a number- I had no real picture in my head of what I would look like when I got there or how getting there would really feel...because I don't think I embraced the idea that I CAN GET THERE... I HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE..I WILL REACH THAT NUMBER!!

Watching friends make their goals and move their tickers forward is what makes this all very real to me. I wonder how they feel when they walk in their closet and can fit in wonderful fun styles and sizes? How do they feel when they look at their ticker and feel like the beginning number was "so long ago"? It must be awesome- it must feel amazing from your head to your toes to look at that ticker and know that you did all that was wrapped up in the energy of getting that thing to move where you wanted. YOU DID IT! And I know I will too-I know I will! We all will if we stick with it, don't quit, and we just keep trying!

SO, when thinking about it today....my ticker also represents HOPE...and I love having that! What does it represent for you?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I loved this blog. I have not looked at my ticker as hope...but I will now.

    I am doing great, thanks for stopping in and checking in on me. For the program, I am now down 44.9 pounds and over 50 pounds since Spark.

    Hugs to you.
    3608 days ago
    I LOVE THIS BLOG! My ticker represents HOPE too! Thanks for sharing the journey with us. Love ya, Dawn emoticon
    3613 days ago
    you are adorable and i love you!
    3615 days ago
    I love watching it move in the right direction & tend to ignore it when it's fighting with me!
    My only wish is that I could kick that darn lil thing a few times like I do my scale! ; )
    3615 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    Great blog!! I totally get what you mean! I never knew how powerfully motivating that little ticker would be to me! But once I saw that I was 1/2 way there, it was like, "There's no turning back now!" As it got closer and closer, I got more excited. It actually pushed me to finish what I started and make my goal weight!! Too many times before, I would get comfortable with my weight and think, I look fine, I don't need to lose anymore! But, according to my BMI and pictures, I'd still be overweight. That ticker made all the difference in the world! Funny how a silly little thing like that can be so motivating!
    3615 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6368620
    I totally understand everything you said about that little ticker!! I agree with every word. The ticker is your friend when you're doing well (and not so friendly when you're not doing so great!), but it keeps you honest and it's wonderful to look at!!
    3616 days ago
    Not sure how I feel about my weight loss ticker as I have been on a 9 month plateau and move between 70 - 70.4 kgs and I am getting quite frustrated with the whole thing at the moment. emoticon I know my body shape has changed but the ticker tells me my weight is the same! emoticon
    3616 days ago
    Thanks for your unique thinking about the ticker!
    I like that it externalises where I am at and becomes a map for my health goals. If it is not a magic number in my head I can be real about how far I want to go and what actions I need to take to get there.
    3616 days ago
    I too have a love/hate relationship with my ticker..somedays I'm elated that it's moving forward and then I have a gain and it bounces back and I have to push forward again to make it move...somedays I don't even want to see it either and other days I wonder where I'm at on it and if its moved past that next notch on the belt. I guess it holds me accountable, after all if other people can see it too shouldn't I make a better effort to move it? Love your blogs too emoticon
    3616 days ago
    Enjoyed your blog today. For me my ticker represented honesty. Finally being honest with myself about where I was. Now, it also represents my accomplishments so far. I can do it. I will do it. I never thought I would lose 20, then I did. I had to "expand" my ticker and that actually was pretty cool for me. Now when those clothes fit, it feels great and I know that ticker still has room to move and that's pretty encouraging, too.
    3616 days ago
    for me it means - Self-reliance - that ticker moves only based on my choices - noone elses.
    3617 days ago
    Love this blog! I can see I am not alone in my love relationship (or hate depending on the week) with my ticker. It is just another way for me to be accountable.
    3617 days ago
  • LLTS01
    It is always a goal but there is so much more than the ticker. Look at how much more we are all focused on being healthy and feeling good.
    3617 days ago
    Great blog, thanks for sharing, my represents that I am not finish with my journey cause it is a life lone commitment to stay on the healthy track.
    3617 days ago
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