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Easter Challenge--Obstacles

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I seem to be about a day behind on everything this week! (Taxes included--Thank goodness we have until Monday!)

So for my Twilight Challenge Team East Challenge this week, we are to blog about challenges and way to overcome them.

Some of my challenges/setbacks:

1. Hours at work-they stink, period I have less time than if I am working full time.
2. My asthma/allergies
3. I am a procrastinator--gotten better, but recently have lapsed
4. Stress
5. Time of month

To overcome part of these obstacles, I have started looking for yet another job. I like where I am at, but I still have no clue when full time status will happen. With us having to be out of this place in about 8-10 weeks, this is not a good thing. I need to be at full time status and fast so I can help support us and pay our bills when we have to move to an apartment.

2. My asthma and allergies. We have been trying to walk outside some, but the weather and air has to be fairly warm to not set me off coughing. We found out we have a friend with a Costco Memebership and is going to help us get gym memberships at a hugely discounted price! This will allow me to get my lungs back into shape so I can actually run/walk what ever outside!

3. Time to get back to the not procrastinating stage! I had worked really hard on this over the years and have slowly fallen back into old (bad) habits. Time to get back on the ball and stop putting things off. It drives me crazy when the honey does it, so I need to work on it myself!

4. Stress -- This one is a tough one, I induce a lot of stress on myself instead of just going with the flow! I am a worry wart as my mom calls me, and I need to learn to let things go and let them happen when they happen.

5. ToM--Oh mother nature, you hit me hard this month. I had a binge week this past week that I just never quite recovered from. i am lucky that I didn't gain anything with it. Next month I am going to buy some fruits and veggies and when I want something sweet, they should be there for me to go to instead of buying the chocolate.

Hoping that with help from the honey, I will be able to accomplish some of these. These are not short term things either, so it will be an ongoing 'battle' to get back into some of my more healthier habits.
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  • _LINDA
    Its good that you can list everything out and know where the problems lie and work towards correcting them. I have the weirdest problem. As my diet consists of large numbers of fruits and vegetables, what the hey do I snack on?? They always say eat fruit if you have a sweet craving, but I eat enough already.. So my bad is salty and I get Baked Cheetos Crunchy and dark chocolate to snack on. A lot of times these help make up my calories and fat for the day. To me, snacking on a piece of whole wheat bread with nut butter just doesn't satisfy me, and nuts are too high calorie and fat for a little handful to keep me going either. Quite the problem! But if fruits and veggies are not a large part of what you eat daily, then you should have no excuse to snack on them more. I absolutely love strawberries, you can't beat them and they are great for snacking, as are carrots.
    My allergies are mostly controlled by Nasonex, which is perfect as it doesn't make me drowsy. If yours aren't controlled by OTC meds, maybe you should get a prescription or even think about getting those desensitizing shots..Having constant respiratory problems does make it very difficult to do any cardio.
    I have had any TOM problems since I went on Depo-Prevara in 1999. No periods, no water retension, bloating, cramps, cravings, absolute freedom, and never had any trouble with it.
    As for stress, that is tough to deal with, but maybe you should try meditation, just a few minutes every morning to help focus you for the day.
    I wish you all the best with your program.
    3451 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6208706
    You have a great plan in place. I have major issues with TOM as well. This month I gained 3 pounds!!! and unfortunately it wasn't all water because it's still sticking around. I need to have a plan like you do for next month so it doesn't mess me up.

    3451 days ago
    You've got so much going on right now, but it looks like you've also got a good plan to help you cope. Good job! emoticon
    3451 days ago
    Thank you for sharing this with us. You've got it girl - identify and conquer. You can do it!
    3452 days ago
    That is a good list and an honest open way to talk about it. Good job. Maybe if you come up with a phrase you can repeat at the grocery store that will help you not buy the chocolate. Do I really appreciate the way this makes me feel after I eat it? Is this helping me reach my ultimate goal?

    Have a good week! I'm so glad you are on my team.
    3452 days ago
    Sounds like you know what you need to work on so I'll just say good luck with your goals. I hope you accomplish them.
    3452 days ago
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