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Yesterday SUCKED... Then it got better...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So, yesterday TOTALLY sucked... I don't particularly like using that word, but it really fits for the day I had! I started out just fine... I got up, started getting ready... all was well until my dad needed me to help him load the lawn mower into the back of his truck. He needed to take it to get it fixed, but he had surgery on Monday to remove a cancerous spot on his forehead, so it hurt to bend over. That put me a little bit behind because after doing that he also needed me to get water for the dogs and empty out the dishwasher... All of this would have been fine if I'd gotten up a bit sooner, but I didn't know, so I slept a little later than normal.

This got me to the point of being borderline late for school... To make up for the delayed start, I decided to drive faster than the posted speed limit (which I do anyways, but this time with purpose). Just my luck, a state trooper headed the opposite way decided he would track me down and give me a ticket for going 68mph. Yee haw. (Please note the sarcasm.) The state trooper took his sweet time writing my ticket, which I've come to believe is their way of getting back at speeders. Well, that and the $100+ fine...

Because I got stopped and had to way for Trooper Grumpy Pants to give me my ticket, I ended up having to wait for a train to pass... Hello 15 minute delay! At this point I e-mailed one of the other math professors and told him that if I got struck by lightening or hit by an 18-wheeler, then I was giving up trying to get to school. Otherwise, I'd be there shortly. Fortunately, I did make it the rest of the way to school unscathed, but it was just ridiculous!!!

I felt off track the rest of the school day and couldn't even talk straight half the time. It was horrid. I went to my office at 4:15 and tried to calm my nerves... I took some deep breaths and closed my eyes for a minute before getting ready to go to Zumba. I went to Zumba at 5:00 and it was AWESOME! I hadn't been in nearly a month, but 3 or 4 people greeted me warmly and it made me feel so much better. One girl yelled, "ELIZABETH!" and shook her hands up in the air; another told me how worried they had been since they hadn't seen me in so long. There were other comments of "Oh, Elizabeth's back," and "Hey, look who it is!"

I got 4935 steps in Zumba alone! (Woo!) and it brought my daily total up to around 8000. I figured that if I went home I would probably just shower and go straight to bed. I wanted to get 10,000 steps in, so I decided to walk around the gym a few times to get the extra 2000 steps... It was great because a few of my students were working a basketball camp/practice and I not only walked around the gym, but I got to shoot a few hoops as well! It was fun and another boost to make my day finish on a higher note. I ended up with over 11,000 steps (heck yeah, baby) for yesterday and I'm feeling pretty darn good about it!!!

The only sad news now is that I only have 1229 steps so far today!!! That's pitiful!!! I am/was hoping to walk with my friend, Ron, today... I don't know if he can do it or not, so I'll just have to wait and see! Either way I'm getting more steps in today!!!!
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