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Hmph....Kinda random thoughts this morning.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

You know, it really is amazing how doing half of this healthy job is. One half is fun and easy for me. The other half...well, stinks! I hate having to watch what I eat. I am mad at the world for all the yummy things that are out there to tempt me. But, I really can't be bc I am the one that decides what I eat or don't eat. I mean, I say yes to the cookie dough I bought from a fundraiser (which is about to just be thrown out and forever gone from my house), I say yes to the chips that my husband just NEEDS to have in the house (which he will be hiding from me for now on!), I say yes to the extra serving of dinner. So those frustrations really aren't at the world, they are at me.

I have to change how I answer my daily choices. I keep thinking about Jillian Michael's smart tip: Every choice you made should get you closer to your goal, not further. TRUE! Now, how do I remind myself to do this every minute of each day....I guess practice, like I tell my cheerleaders. You can't learn or get better without trying and practicing it. So, I guess this is just what I will do.

This morning for instance, I kept putting off making breakfast until I just didn't have time. (I think I purposely did that, subconsciously) So, I ran by the QT on my way to work and got a chicken bisquit. STINK!!! Half way through that bisquit, I actually looked at the calories and fat content...Oh, holy cow, I totally did a mindless thing this morning and ate something that is pulling me further from my goals...that's called pure laziness and not TRYING at all. So, now I have to minimize my food intake and watch everything I put in my mouth to make sure I don't go over my 1700 calorie limit. Thank goodness I didn't skip out on making my lunch and snack for today.

So, I already messed up once today, but that just means I have to REALLY follow my rules in order to reverse what I did this morning and get closer to my goals once again. This is my new mentality, get closer to goals! I did succeed in that partially by hitting the gym for an hour this morning.

I was told that I was another woman's motivation for getting up each morning to work out. She got on the elliptical next to me and stopped me as I was finishing my workout to tell me that I am the reason she gets up each morning to work out. She told me that my body and work ethic were her goals in her lifestyle change. She explained that last week she was laying in bed debating on going to the gym and I popped into her mind and she immediately got up so that she could get to the gym to get closer to where I was. This really made my day bc I have never met this woman in my life! So, from now on, when I question whether I should get up or not to work out, I will think of her and how I motivate her to change her life! Love those positive moments!

Have a great day sparkers!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Remember that you did go to the gym today, so that's a huge thing you did right! You've already burned that bisquick thing off!

    Congratulations on having a total stranger tell you that you're her motivation. Wow!
    3601 days ago
    That's so cool about the woman at your gym! That made me smile! Don't worry about when you slip up, if you dwell on it and beat yourself up about it then it's just going to get worse. Just tell yourself it's okay and you will do better next time. No one is perfect and no one definitely has the perfect diet. You're doing a great job and don't ever let yourself forget that!
    3601 days ago
  • KTMAE2006
    Atta girl!!!!! 2 really great decisions today. Knowledge is half the battle! Now you know what you're doing when you grab that QT breakfast. And you are definitely an inspiration to more than one person!! Keep it up!!!
    3601 days ago
    What an awesome feeling to know you inspire a total stranger!

    3602 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8742092
    I love the comments about the person you inspired! Keep on Givin'r-You have made lots of progress :) you are amazing!!!
    3602 days ago
    Thats gotta be a good feeling, someone else admires your health ;) You can do it Manda, Just get back on the train and keep working hard at it like you always do ;) love you! xxxx
    3602 days ago
    emoticon I love that you have become a motivation to someone else. I hope to be that way one day.

    As for the eating, I feel that way everyday, it would be soo much easier to just stop and pick something up. Everyone makes mistakes, it take a lot to make sure you don't ruin the rest of your day by one mistake.
    3602 days ago
    Love it! Especially the last part about the complete stranger. I think her comments would get me to the gym if I didn't feel like it. Just knowing she's looking for me.
    3602 days ago
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