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28-day Sugar Challenge - week 1

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It has been a week since I started my personal 28-day Sugar Challenge.
As a recap, here is what I'm doing in a nutshell:

My straight forward plan for the next 28 days - to take one further step each week to breaking my sugar addiction. NOTE: each newly added challenge week maintains the challenge of the prior week(s).

Week 1 (April 19 - 25): eliminate soda (up water goal by 3 cups)

Week 2 (April 26 - May 2): eliminate candy

Week 3 (May 3 - 9): eliminate refined carbs (white rice, white flour, etc)

Week 4 (May 10 - 16): eliminated added sugar (to tea, coffee, etc)
Thoughts & Observations

* the first two days were the most difficult - after that the cravings became more mental than physical

* although I was only working on the week 1 challenge of soda, I became conscious of the upcoming challenge weeks and incorporated them where I could, I think this helped to lower my overall sugar intake, and helped to reduce the cravings for the soda

* I'm starting to believe that "food begets food" - meaning certain foods make me hungrier for more - like when I drink a soda I want more sugar, when I eat something like a doughnut or a hamburger, I want more - which is odd because I thought that fat was suppose to make you feel sated, but I think that "industrial food" is full of things that may by design make you want more - I know when I eat "whole" I don't have these cravings and I have a difficult time sometimes getting enough calories

* I took measurements a week ago to have a baseline for the challenge - I did two of those key measurements today (waist and spare tire) - I lost an inch off of each

* I've been feeling better - not experiencing that "need" for a soda - I think I have also been sleeping better

* I'm having difficulty filling the "calorie hole" that soda has left behind - since cutting it out has made me less hungry, and I have to eat more to replace the calories it was taking up, each day has become a battle to reach my ranges - yesterday I found myself putting mayo on my veggie burger to get the calorie boost I needed - I need to find better ways - the Spark People menu suggestions don't work for me because they don't have a dairy-free option - and that seems to be how they are getting in those extra calories - I have considered revising my weight loss goal plan - I think by setting it low (to lose 40 lbs in 11 months) it has my calorie intake too high - the truth is that over all I need to lose about 75 lbs - I may try playing with it to see what I can do

* upping my water intake has been easy because I starting tying my water fill-ups to my QuickFire Challenges - that has been working well
On to Week 2: eliminate candy

all candy? including chocolate? yep, I'm going to try to do it - in fact lately, the only candy I've been eating has been dark chocolate - I didn't even succumb to the jelly beans and peeps this year - I did go through a couple of bags of Cadbury mini eggs at the very start of the "store Easter season" which was back in Feb/Mar - but that was before I had to give up the milk chocolate for the dairy reasons - and even then I ate them within my calorie ranges - in fact, even when I indulge lately, it has been in my ranges - take yesterday for example, throughout the whole day I had a total of 4 squares of dark chocolate (if I remember right, the bag calls 4 squares a serving, but I have been only trying to eat 1 a day) - but yesterday I indulged because I knew the next 3 weeks were going to be chocolate free

I'm also going to keep looking for ways to cut the refined carbs so that next week isn't such a shock - I'm almost there, I just have a few things that I'm trying to convert over, and with that one I'm going to have to be even more conscious of the foods I am putting in my mouth - almost all fast food will be out - but that is probably a good thing

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    What wonderful discoveries you are making about yourself!
    emoticon for sharing.
    Can't wait to hear about your new successes!
    3355 days ago
    Sounds like your body is loving these tweaks to your way of eating! I look forward to following the rest of the month. :)
    3355 days ago
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