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"One Life To Live"

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The clock is ticking and time is passing us by.
Changes are being made to eat healthier, lose weight, stay fit, and live longer.
How do we do this? Excersing, eating smaller portions, walking off the pounds.
Join "Weight Watchers", "Curves", or buy videos, or dvd's to lose weight and tone up the muscles.
Many cannot lose weight due to a health problem, Other's try and give up.
The scale does not move, week one, week two...you have given up all ther foods
that you enjoy to eat....people tend to give up saying, "I Can't Do This", when in
fact you have already started not giving your body time to adjust as you are adjusting to change.
It's okay to give up, it is your choice. Meantime you will never know if the third
week showed weight loss.

Doesn't this look good :) Looks yummy to me :)
I have been on and off diets my whole life. I would lose then gain it all back. Good or bad for me I loved food. The clock was tickimg and time passing by.

I discovered a few things about me, such as, I was not willing to change my eating habits, I was not willing to exercise, I was happy the way I was.
One day the light went on it was getting to be difficult to get up from a chair.
Then I ended up in a wheelchair, having difficulty walking. I was lazy.

I now was not happy with myself. I used all that is available to me to take action
and do something about it. Making this choice was very difficult and staying focused very hard to do.

I fell many times then back up I was starting over again.
No more fast foods, processed foods, can foods, cereal, frozen pizza etc.
Very unhealthy and will add weight due to the Toxic Chemicals, Artifical Sweetners, and other igredients added to these foods.

It took a year and a half to now have lost 90#'s of the unhealthy me.
Yes I still fall once in awhile. I get back up remembering how long it took me
to lose the weight I did and I am good again. I weighed 250#'s when I started.

The reason for writing this blog, is to encourage other's on there journey
of losing weight, letting them know I care, I have been there.
Having "One Life To Live", let me live it for me.


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