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Mother's Day....Humor

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Soon it will be Mother's Day a day of appreciation, love, and gifts.
For Charlie it is just another day. He is till learning about holiday's.
Charlie is four years of age, cute as a button.

He likes to wear an Elves costume every day, thinking he is one lol

The day before Mother's Day his dad says, "lets go to town Charlie and buy
Mom a present."

Charlie replies, "ok and me a toy."
Dad...."we will see son".

Off they go, all Charlie has on his mind is a toy.

They stopped in the flower shop, ordering Mom flowers.
They went to a jewelry store buying Mom a necklace.
Then they went to Wal-Mart and there they bought mom chocolates,

Charlie picked up card for Mom,

Then he headed for the toy department, dad stopped Charlie saying, " Charlie this is Moms day , no toy today Charlie.'
Charlie was about to begin throwing a tantrum when dad said, "can you wait until we get outside Charlie then throw your tantrum?"

Charlie, "ok Dad."

They headed for home and dad was telling Charlie this is a secret don't tell
mommy we need to wait for Mother's Day.
Charlie listening nodded his head yes.

to be continued.....................

story by:
Paula Strasburg

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