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Thursday, May 12, 2011

So I knew I'd been really tired again. I felt like I was being so lazy. I just couldn't seem to get much done without stopping for a break over the past 3 months. I wasn't sleeping as well as usual. Today, I found out why.

My ferritin (iron stores) was 5.5. My hemoglobin, red blood cells, and hematocrit were all low.
I am very anemic again and will start my iron infusions tomorrow. Hopefully will be back to a more chipper me after seven days of infusions. The good part is that I'll surely feel better and I should be able to read for at least 2 hours each day since the infusion will take about 2 hours!

Now this is not due to lack of care for myself. I have trouble absorbing B12 and iron.
Heavy bleeder, too. Sorry if that's TMI but hopefully if you are reading this and have similar issues, you'll know you aren't alone!

Not sure if I'll get to the gym, and I haven't gone yet this week. But I am going to wear my gym clothes to the cancer center for my infusion and see if I feel like going to the gym afterwards.
At least my fatigue makes sense----I really was feeling like I just wasn't disciplined enough.
Really, I am not oxygenated enough!

This too shall pass!

Take care! Love to you all, sparkies!
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